Commentary: Yule Tide tides

In the season of Yule Tide, it is nice to see the tides are finally turning in our direction.  Lyme disease is significantly more mainstream and more widely acknowledged as an epidemic.

The stranglehold the lobbyists and insurance companies had on us over the past decade seems to be abating.  This change is welcoming and the pendulum seems to have turned.

Recently, I have been hearing more and more about doctors being aggressive about Lyme disease and suspecting it might be at the root of the strange symptoms coming through their doors.

Both doctors and clinics test for Lyme more readily and are less likely to be in denial.   Now, if we can get the laboratories to perform more effective and definitive tests, it would be a major breakthrough. 

I would think that part of this is because the insurance companies recognize that early detection and treatment is much less costly than having the patient become chronic.  In addition, crippling the patient and having them become dependent on SS Disability and Medicare is expensive for all.

Of course, this is a small conciliation for those of us that are already chronically sick, but, increasing acceptance of this disease is the first step to finding a cure and ending our nightmare.

Let’s hope the new decade brings an answer.

Stay Healthy, stay Optimistic, stay Positive, and stay Excited – HOPE

Have a great New Year,


~ by Rob on December 28, 2009.

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