Man plucks ticks, profits

The Tick Key, developed by an inventor in Waterbury, Connecticut, claims to easily remove an attached tick whole.  It also avoids squeezing the ticks fluids into the individual reducing the diseased fluids being passed into the host during removal.  Neither the article nor I have any statistics to support this claim.

Excerpted from TELEGRAM.COM ( Posted: 1/24/2010 )

WATERBURY, Conn. —  They’re the scourge of the woods, crawling up bare ankles and squeezing their way into moist crevices where they feast on blood and spread disease until engorged.

Ridding yourself or your pets of ticks once they’ve embedded themselves can be a gut-wrenching and painful process marred by misinformation and the diminutive size of the eight-legged parasites.

A Watertown inventor has picked up the challenge and developed a new way to pluck off the bugs that appears to work equally well with both pets and their two-legged counterparts.

It’s called the Tick Key, and it’s selling like hot cakes.

It’s the easiest tick removal device in the world, boasts inventor James Binkoski.

An eyelet in the center of a key-shaped wedge of anodized aluminum fits over the top of the tick, he explained, and as the Tick Key slides across the skin the tick is channeled into an ever-narrowing groove until it can be pulled free, removing the entire body.

“It gets the head 99.9 percent of the time,” Binkoski said.

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