Commentary: The CMEB has got the Joneses (again)

Just when you think the medical system is improving and the pendulum is changing direction, it swings back and hits you in the face.

 Dr. Jones, the premier pediatrician in the country, has been hit with disciplinary action again.  This time, a $10,000 fine and put on four year license probation by the Ct Medical Examiners Board (CMEB) of which his actions will be closely monitored.

The Op-Ed in today’s Fairfield Citizen described Dr. Jones:

The 80-year-old has treated more than 10,000 children who have been debilitated by Lyme disease, and has been credited as “the only pediatrician in the world who treats Lyme,” according to a Lyme-focused documentary Under Our Skin. As a result of criminal charges, the doctor is now forced to have his dealings with patients monitored. That case is under appeal, yet he now faces new criminal charges, and like the first case, the charges again stem from the fact that one of the children’s parents disagreed with the medical decisions the other made.

The treatment of Dr. Jones has been outrageous.  It is also a chilling reminder to all of us chronic Lyme patients that we are chronic because treatment had been denied for so long and our lives  turned upside down.  Primarily  due to political pressure and the hijacking of our medical system by the insurance lobbyists. 

Once again, the State Heath officials and medical boards have sold their souls by siding with the profiteers at the expense of the children.

Most people would have retired long ago, but Dr. Jones continues to work on behalf of all the sick children who have nowhere else to turn.  In my neighborhood alone, a number of the young children travel over an hour to be treated by him because the local pediatricians are threatened with losing their medical licenses if they treat too many Lyme patients.

 If these children do not get treatment early on, they will likely spend their life chronically ill and possibly crippled.  And for what, so a CEO’s yacht can be a few feet longer; a stock price can rise a few more points; or a politician can be reelected.

 Sacrificing the children for profit is beyond disgusting.  And yet, this argument has not surfaced among the year-long healthcare debate (e.g., Health before Profits).

 For more on Dr. Jones’ disciplinary action read the article by Arielle Levin Becker in the Hartford Courant:,0,1835223.story

~ by Rob on February 17, 2010.

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