Commentary: Kill the Cull

Weston, CT.’s Selectman Woody Bliss supports controlled deer culling.  He believes that reducing the deer population in the Westport/Weston area will reduce Lyme disease incidences.  Bliss, like many other Connecticut residents support deer culling to eradicate Lyme. 

Numerous studies have shown that culling is not effective.  One such opposing viewpoint can be found in Dr. Marjorie Cramer’s op-ed in the Fairfield Citizen (02/25/2010), where she states:

Deer “culls” in which deer are baited and then shot at close range have been taking place across the country since the 1990s. The fact of the matter is that killing deer does not reduce either numbers of deer or the incidence of Lyme and other tick borne diseases. Deer cull advocates are quick to point out that reducing deer densities has been shown to reduce tick densities.

But these studies have all taken place either on islands, closed peninsulas or fenced parks. These areas do not resemble the open communities of Fairfield County, including Ridgefield. To date there is not one reported case of a reduction in tick-borne disease incidence in ecologically open communities where deer culling has taken place.

(for the complete Op-Ed:

Once all the deer have been culled, what is going to prevent the white footed mice; grey squirrels; birds and other mammals from entering the CLEANSED area?  Would these other mammals and birds be next on the culling agenda,

Anthony Karge wrote in his Westport News article, “Westport petitioner seeks measures to curb deer population” (02/25/2010):

According to the Westport/Weston Health District, studies suggest a correlation between deer population and cases of Lyme disease, although it’s not the fault of the deer.

The statement is true because ticks thrive where warm-blooded animals thrive, and yes, deer are just one of many meals, and modes of transport.  So of course, there is a correlation.

New England is a beautiful, densely forested area, and unless we want to napalm the entire area, we are going to have a Lyme problem.  It would be much more sensible to focus on educating people in avoiding the disease rather than committing animal genocide.

Woody Bliss  using typical scare tactics, was quoted as saying,

“I’m going to oversimplify it, but the fundamental issue comes down to what’s more important: an animal’s life or a human’s life.” 

This confirms that “IGNORANCE IS BLISS.”

Killing deer because of Lyme must stop immediately until a proper and effective solution can be found.    

(For the complete Westport News aritcle: )

~ by Rob on February 25, 2010.

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