Ann Arbor artist spreads Lyme Awareness

Emily Bracale, a Maine artist, was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year and believes that she probably had it most of her life.  Hoping to help others, she is admirably using her talents to spread awareness of the disease.

Excerpted from  ( Posted: 3/06/2010 )

In 26 paintings and accompanying stories, Bracale shares her experiences struggling with the disease as well as what she says are the difficulties present in diagnosing it. Through the exhibit, she says she hopes to promote awareness of the disorder, especially with people who may have it and not even know.

The exhibit, entitled “In the Lyme-Light: Portraits of Illness and Healing” will be on display at the Ethel Blum Gallery at the of the Atlantic through the end of March. Bracale’s paintings will also be featured at the UniveCollege rsity College in Ellsworth later on this year.

For the complete article and video:

~ by Rob on March 6, 2010.

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