Commentary: For Whom the Cull Tolls

Roger Miller, staff writer for the Westport News, has been covering the Deer Cull issue for several months now.  If nothing else, I appreciate the extensive debate it has sparked by the publication’s readers.

 Whether you support the cull or oppose it, dialogue is always healthy.  I only wish the extensive dialogue could have taken place before the irreversible onslaught of the white-tailed deer began.

 The argument of many pro-culling advocates is that the deer host the bacteria and if you reduce the deer population then the Lyme incidences will be reduced. 

 Those against the cull, argue that studies show that culling has only been effective in closed regions where animals can not freely roam back into culled areas to reintroduce the disease.  This would include gated communities; islands; and peninsulas, but certainly not Westport and Ridgefield.

 We tend to be an impatient culture.  But killing to satisfy this impatience is not the answer.  Hopefully, discussions like those fostered by Mr. Miller can stimulate fresh ideas and maybe a more practical solution.

 My worry is that since I have been hosting the Lyme bacteria for over 20 years now, I am no longer invited to gated communities and may be next on the culler’s radar.

For whom the cull tolls?  The cull tolls for me.

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Robert Miller’s 11/07/2009 article:

~ by Rob on March 8, 2010.

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