Clueless is what Clueless does

Last weekend, K. Burns of the Herald Monitor, wrote an op-ed piece on Lyme disease (LD) that deeply offended the estimated 3,000,000+ Lyme sufferers in the US.  Many of these people struggle with combinations of dementia; tremors; severe arthritis pains; paralysis; respiratory ailment; fatigue; etc.  But according to her, Chronic Lyme disease doesn’t exist. 

 How can she be so adamant about her clueless position?  What would motivate her to offend so many?  And more importantly, Why would she spread such misinformation to put people at risk?

 Though Lyme sufferers’ are only motivated to get better,  she insinuates that we are some radical group organizing on the internet to challenge the Medical establishment.  Yet, she feels it justified to criticize our doctor’s prognosis when it does not agree with her position. 

Ct’s Attorney General has identified possible conflicts of interest within the IDSA.   As such, it would be silly not to challenge the medical establishment.  Conversely, Burns feels comfortable criticizing  Lyme Literate doctors and threatening their  medical licenses when they prescribe antibiotic treatment to patients.

 Coming from New Hampshire, with one of the fastest growing Lyme problems, Burns has put her readership at risk for LD with her misinformation and propaganda.  Can she really be so clueless?

Apr-2007 – “This year’s population (of ticks) has been as bad as I have ever seen it,” state entomologist Tom Durkis said. Durkis, who oversees the insect population in New Hampshire, said the number of ticks has been inexplicably on the rise for a number of years and it appears to have reached its peak this summer.

“Fifteen or 20 years ago you could walk in the woods of New Hampshire and not come out covered in ticks,” Durkis said.

Katy Burns is clearly uninformed and incompetent.  The Monitor should call for her resignation immediately.

 Burns’ original editorial:

 Alan Stone’s rebuttal:

~ by Rob on March 11, 2010.

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