Commentary: Chilly Comforter

You may have noticed the increasing number of Lyme reports in the media over the past few weeks.  The old adage, “any publicity is good publicity” holds true for Lyme awareness as well.  So when I see the media lemmings all jumping on their usual hype bandwagon about this issue, it does bring a level of comfort to me.  Unfortunately, this comforter is chilling.

I understand that reporting is a difficult occupation.  With each new project, the reporter needs to become expert on their assignment in a very short timeframe.  For the average reporter, they barely get a chance to scratch the surface of their research before regurgitating their findings.

So as much as I appreciate the spreading of Lyme awareness, the information being reported is stale.  They are generally sharing conventional Lyme wisdom from ten years ago (e.g., it is a NE problem; the deer are to blame; transmitted by ticks only; you will see a bulls-eye rash or a Lyme test will detect it if you have it; etc.).

So much more is now known about this pandemic.  Reporters should include a footnote in their stories that inform their readership of this fact and possibly point them in a direction to learn more.

Regardless, I thank the media for recognizing how serious a problem we have and for keeping the awareness ball rolling.


~ by Rob on March 24, 2010.

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