Ben Stiller contracts Lyme?

Several reports this morning discussed that Ben Stiller has contracted Lyme.  I would never be the one to dismiss the possibility of someone actually having Lyme, but the report suggests that he got it after a fall in Mozambique where he hurt his knee.

He is complaining about severe knee pain and mild night sweats.  The knee is accumulating fluid and may require orthroscopic surgery to correct.

I understand that he does not want to perform surgery, but if the pain is isolated to his knee and his only other symptom is possibly some night sweats, Lyme MAY be wishful thinking.  If he only knew how nasty this disease can become he would choose surgery instead.  For his sake, I hope both are wrong.

He’s waiting back for his Lyme test results.  And we know how conclusive that can be.

If I were giving him counsel, I would recommend he take a course of antibiotics to play it safe.  If the knee pain persists then do not dismiss that the knee is not more seriously injured.

Bottom line is, if you are going to promote this disease to the masses, please don’t downplay its seriousness.

Full article:

~ by Rob on March 25, 2010.

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