Is tick-borne germ causing scourge?

When I first posted this article, I was upset because I happen to be one of those unfortunate LD patients who the doctors insisted had MS.  The doctors agreed that the odds of getting MS was approximately two in a million and yet they themselves had hundreds of MS patients.  It just wasn’t logical.

So as you can see, this is a very sensitive subject for me.  But, having slept on it, I thought to myself that it must be tremendously difficult for Kathleen Crang to choose this subject for her thesis.  Going against the medical establishment is never an easy feat.  In fact, her choosing this subject for her thesis is tremendously courageous .  My initial impulsive reaction was dead wrong.

Kathleen, I want to wish you the greatest success in your research.  Because of brave young people like yourself, sick old curmudeons like myself may have a chance.

All the best,



Excerpted from an article by Melissa Martin [ Winnipeg Free Press ( Posted: 04/15/2010 )]

Fact: Manitoba has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the country.

Or do we just think we do?

In a recent thesis, Winnipeg researcher Kathleen Crang found that some Manitobans diagnosed with MS and other chronic conditions may actually be suffering from an unwelcome visitor: the borrelia bacteria, a tick-borne “biological evil genius” that causes Lyme disease.

“If I knew someone with MS, I’d be saying, ‘let’s look at those questions,'” said Crang. “If their MS is coupled with heart problems, or skin rashes, or rheumatological involvement, there might be some question as to why.”

After all, we’re talking about a bug dubbed “the second great imitator.” (Syphilis is the first.) Tests for Lyme disease can be unreliable; many of the disease’s 75 known symptoms are shared by a host of neurological conditions. Case studies have even found that Lyme can produce lesions on the brain like those seen in MS.

For the complete article:

~ by Rob on April 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Is tick-borne germ causing scourge?”

  1. Be careful. Crang is not what she seems. She is neither courageous nor intelligent. MS is destroying her brain.

    • Kevin,
      I do not know her personally, but having spent most of my life wrapped up in a world of corporate politics, I know that it is very easy to criticize and destroy others. I have also seen a number of professionals threatened and destroyed in the LD medical community for what I believe are ulterior motives.

      Exposing oneself by taking a politically unpopular research position seems very courageous to me. I stand by my comments.

      If you can shed further light on this matter, please do so, but please keep your comments comstructive.


  2. Sorry Rob. You’re right and I agree with what you have said. It just doesn’t apply to Ms Crang. I know her personally and I know that the antibiotics never “healed” her. Mainly what offended me was that the article offered no proof whatsoever of the conclusions she made and the false hope that may be given to those who actually do have MS, etc. Such an article adds no credibility to sites such as this that are trying to help people. You really have to be careful about who you consider to be an “expert” I guess.


    • It appears that many forget that our bodies are all different and that we SEEM to respond differently to drugs, pathogens, etc. I BELIEVE, That is why some respond well to long-term antibiotics and some worsen (e.g., develop peripheral neuropathy, etc.) It appears that most everybody’s immune system gets clobbered from the drugs and that certainly doesn’t help.

      I do know that the medical system is like a cookbook (e.g. if a person has a particular symptom, you administer a particular drug or treatment – repeat until healthy). Since we are all different, the reactions to the drugs are endless and confusing. When drugs help and when they hinder are always a balancing act. That’s why doctors get the big bucks.

      It appears that Kathleen Crang is researching why the body develops MS characteristics from LD. If she uncovers some reasons, it could only help in the long term to uncover a solution to the problem.

      I have met numerous self proclaimed LD experts, but I haven’t found anyone who has healed anyone yet. I only find people whose symptoms have improved. Maybe this is good enough.

      As for MS, sure we know it is an auto-immune problem, but there is no CURE for this either. Since we all react different to different stimuli, we need to focus on whatever works.

      I do understand first hand how nasty LD and MS are and how far we are from a cure. Regardless of what the medical cookbooks suggest.

      All the best,

  3. The guy that is attacking this woman is in fact her ex husband Rob, who follows her terrorizes her and attacks her every move.
    My doctor also feels her findings are correct and has me doing the same tests now that more and more Manitoba residents are doing. A blood test from the US can be ordered online sent to you ($400.00US) and your doctor administers the test and sends it in.
    He claims there would be a lot less MS and a lot more Lyme with this test, the test that our medical does not cover nor do they provide. Luckily our doctors are getting on board but their hands are tied.

    So to Kevin(Rob) get a life and leave her alone.

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