The LD Experiment: Seeking solutions

The IDSA may have written us off, but we have just begun to heal.
There are millions of infected LD patients out there.  If we begin to log our findings, together we can find a solution.  Actually, we have an advantage.
  •  We are not accountable to anyone but ourselves;
  • We don’t report to any oversight committee;
  • We are not a profit center so healing is our only motivation;
  • We do not need a one-size fits all solution; and
  • Our collective experiences, intelligence and spirit is immensely powerful. 
Let’s use this blog to begin logging our successes, failures and knowledge about LD and begin finding viable and effective treatments.

Courtesy of Sheila P.

As someone who has had decades of Systems Analysis experience, I will begin accumulating and consolidating submissions for all to review.  I will create PAGES with the submitted info on this site for everyone to access. 

 Let’s set some ground rules: 

  1. Civility is mandatory;
  2. There is no wrong or right submission;
  3. There is no such thing as a silly submission
  4. Please be clear, objective and honest in your submissions;
  5. Suggestions for improving this process are always appreciated; and
  6. Above all else, stay optimistic!

 All the best,


~ by Rob on April 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “The LD Experiment: Seeking solutions”

  1. Fact: when being treated, LD patients experience recurring and remitting symptoms generally brought on by jarisch-herxheimer reactions (herxing) which exacerbate the patients symptoms. I understand this to be caused by the spirochetes coming out of hibernation and dying off.

    Observation: antibiotics often lead to the patient healing completely, while for others, the patient never fully heals. For those that don’t heal, periodic antibiotic treatment is necessary to maintain a steady quality of life for the patient.

  2. General Info: a chronic friend of mine chose to go cold turkey on all pharmaceuticals and try juicing instead. She has been juice extracting her own fresh fruits daily for the past year and reports that her symptoms have gone and she feels great.

    I can only assume that her immune system is healing and fighting the disease.

  3. Unsubstantiated fact: most all pharmaceutical drugs may have repercussions in some manner. In the case of Antibiotics, they are effective killing pathogens like BP, but they also damage your liver; gall bladder; immune system and may cause nerve damage.

  4. Observation: Though most alternative treatments had a placebo effect for a short time, none of them seemed to have any lasting effect.

    Vibrational Therapy

  5. Observation: it seems that athletic people avoid LD symptoms longer, and then indeed become chronic. Is this because they have a greater propensity not to complain?

    I have heard similar stories from landscapers and other blue collar workers.

    Or do they have better immune systems because they are active?

  6. Dr. Horowitz believes that 99% of chronic Lyme patients have metal poisoning in their system (i.e., Mercury, Lead, and Arsenic). And this poisoning affects the patient’s immune system. Once removed with chelation treatment, the patient has a better chance of healing. [From his lectures following the screening of “Under Our Skin”.]

    He generally recommends Chelex and/or Cholera supplements for chelating.

    A chronic Lyme buddy of mine with severe back pain had all of his amalgam fillings replaced. Shortly afterwards, his back pain disappeared and hasn’t returned. It has now been three years.

  7. Dr. Horowitz believes that the majority of residents in the Northeast have a vitamin-D deficiency which affects the body’s immune system.

    Nutritionists generally feel that vitamins are better obtained through natural foods and processes. In the case of vitamin-D, getting it from the sun’s rays is much better for the body than processed supplements.

  8. Some neurologists and LLDs try Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) to correct auto immune issues. I actually tried this with minimal success.

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