Commentary: iWay Robbery

Yale students and faculty have decided to jump on the iPhone craze and exploit the Lyme disease (LD) epidemic by creating a GPS app to inform you when you are in a high risk area.  I am curious to know what data source is being used to determine high risk areas? 

As much as I do appreciate that the App publicizes the ALDF and LD itself, I worry that it will give the public a false sense of security.  Especially when the misleading information is coming from a highly reputable source (i.e. Yale Univ. school of Public Health).  Additionally, it uses CDC data which we know omits unreported and misdiagnosed cases.

Evidently, the app will tell you how to protect yourself from bites; what the tick looks like at different stages of gorging itself; and how to get help.  The app also informs you that the tick needs to be attached for 48 hours before passing the infection and that only Deer ticks carry LD.  So essentially, the advice is outdated.  Does it mention anything about other biting insects or the anticoagulant the tick immediately passes into your bloodstream that may also be carrying pathogens?

Caveat Emptor

Information on the iPhone app:

~ by Rob on May 3, 2010.

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