Commentary: LD in OK, not OK

There was an interesting article by Michael Kimball in yesterday’s NewsOK.  Above and beyond  the brave officers that died in the line of duty and are being honored in Oklahoma City, Warden Johnny R. Maisano, Sr.  was also honored.  Warden Maisano  had contracted Lyme disease while on duty in 1988 and died two years later.

What was surprising is that Warden Maisano  appears to have had late-stage neurological Lyme.  His ravaged body implies that he had it for some time.  If he died in 1990,  he must have contracted it earlier than originally estimated.  Did LD exist in Oklahoma in the 80’s.  Unless he picked it up while traveling, the disease must be more widespread than originally believed.

If this is true, why were we told that it was only in the NE back in the 80’s.  Can we really believe anything we have been told about LD?
 For the complete News OK article:

~ by Rob on May 3, 2010.

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