Lyme Disease down under.

Seems like everywhere you turn in the world, more and more cases of Lyme disease appear.  In Australia, a National Parks and Wildlife Service officer was bitten several times by ticks; contracted LD; and has passed it down to her daughter.

Excerpted from ABC North Coast NSW  ( Posted: 05/14/2010 )

According to the Health Department Lymes disease does not exist in Australia but for Natalie Young of Coffs Harbour it certainly does.

Natalie and her three year old daughter Matilda have been diagnosed with the disease via tests carried out in the United States but are frustrated and fearful of ongoing medical implications because they cannot get a confirmed diagnosis of the tick-borne disease in this country.

This is because a large section of the medical fraternity believes it does not exist in Australia.

Medical communities can argue all they want on whether LD exists in Australia.  Maybe they should just call it a mutation; give it a new name; and move forward treating patients. 

Natalie appears to have  contracted LD from a tick, and her symptoms are similar to LD.  If it “walks like a platypus and quacks like a platypus…”.

For the full article:

~ by Rob on May 17, 2010.

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