Commentary: Forbes in bed with IDSA?

For anyone who has doubts about the political undertones regarding long-term Lyme disease treatment, all you have to do is peruse the Forbes criticism of AG Blumenthal in today’s article “Chronic Lyme-Obsessed Attorney General Embellished Vietnam-Era Record” .

When we last wrote about Lyme, Blumenthal was struggling in his campaign for Senate to answer questions about his experience and platform. Now it turns out, according to this morning’s New York Times piece, titled “Blumenthal’s Words Differ From His History”,that Blumenthal may have repeatedly misrepresented himself as a Vietnam war veteran. The truth is that he was in the Marine reserves and stationed state-side–a common way to avoid service for privileged young men, according to the Times. Now that scrutiny levels have been raised–will other media organizations begin to look at Blumenthal’s odd activities in the world of Lyme Disease?


The New York Times (NYT) accused the Attorney General of misrepresenting his marine reserve service saying in a speech given in Norwalk, CT that he was in Vietnam instead.  The NYT also alleged that this misrepresentation occurred on two occasions.

Whether the AG misspoke or not, the interesting point is that rather than Forbes focusing the story on the allegations, the story seems entirely focused on his ties with Lyme activists and the Attorney General’s accusations against the IDSA.

I think the real story is what relationship does Forbes or the article’s author have with the IDSA.

We should all stay tuned to this mystery…

~ by Rob on May 18, 2010.

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