Doctor Disputes Testing Issue With Lyme Disease

Excerpted from  ( Posted: 05/27/2010 )

We brought you the story earlier this week of Bob Reichenberger and his nearly fatal struggle with Lyme Disease. Today, we’re going deeper into the subject by taking a look into the issue of testing for the disease.

Since out story last weekend, we’ve heard from numerous people who say they can’t get an accurate Lyme Disease test. They all have the symptoms. Their lives have been changed drastically for the worse and some have nearly died, as in the case of a Wichita Police detective

“Frankly, the biggest problem I have as an infectious disease specialist,” explained Doctor Tom Moore, M.D., ” Is people who come into my office with symptoms that are due to other illnesses and they’re absolutely convinced that they have Lyme Disease because they’ve been on the Internet and their symptoms match.”

There are dozens of Lyme Disease tests available that have been FDA approved. Dr. Moore says symptoms of Lyme are similar to other illnesses, making the disease very hard to diagnose.

“There’s so much interest and frankly, money, involved in Lyme Disease treatment that there are a variety of labs, one of which is in California, that specializes in a test which is not FDA approved,” said Moore. “It has not been subjected to rigorous peer review to determine whether it’s actually accurate and they tell people they have Lyme Disease based on the flimsiest of data.”

But don’t tell that to Bob Reichenberger, who nearly died because he couldn’t get an accurate Lyme Disease diagnosis. When he sought out that lab in California, he finally got a positive Lyme test and began treatment with a doctor in Missouri.

For the full story:

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