Commentary: A warm reminder

A number of state Health Departments across the country are recognizing and accepting the increase and threat of Lyme disease (LD).  Like many issues, “Acceptance” is a critical hurdle in finding a solution.  These are excellent developments.

 I was also pleased to see the following comments in today’s Morning Sentinal:

If you think you may have Lyme disease, pursue the diagnosis. Don’t be put off by anyone. A delay in treatment can have serious consequences. The spirochete can spread by the bloodstream to the joints, causing arthritis; to the brain, causing meningitis; and to the heart, resulting in heart block and the need for a temporary pacemaker. Fortunately, treatment even late in the disease usually reverses all symptoms, although they may take a long time to resolve.

Or the symptoms may never resolve. I met a university professor in another state several years ago, whose nervous system Lyme disease resulted in permanent loss of recent memory. He could no longer deliver a lecture without reading from his notes.[1]

It shows that the realities of the disease are getting out there.  It also highlights the need to be aggressive.  If one has LD and it does not get treated promptly, the repercussions are chilling.

Best to all,


[1] For the full article:

~ by Rob on June 6, 2010.

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