Malaria-like disease appearing in New York

Excerpted from  ( Posted: 07/26/2010 )

VALHALLA, N.Y., July 26 (UPI) — Babesiosis, a rare malaria-like disease commonly transmitted by infected deer ticks, is on the rise in the Lower Hudson Valley in New York, doctors say.

Dr. Gary Wormser, chief of infectious diseases at Westchester Medical Center, says microscopic parasites known as Babesia infect red blood cells and cause anemia. The New York Health Department reports cases have been reported in Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan and Rockland.

The parasites are transmitted via infected deer ticks or blood transfusions.

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Commentary – As much as I dislike giving Dr. Wormser any air time, his Babesia warning is worth taking note.  You may know Dr. Wormser from the film “Under Our Skin where his crusade to challenge Chronic Lyme disease is profiled.  This makes his Babesia warning  all that more interesting.

Babesia is one of the common Tick Borne Illnesses (TBI) often associated with LD co infections.  Having co infections complicates the disease making it harder to cure.

Babesia video:

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  1. Gary P Wormser has been an expert witness in malpractice cases involving Lyme disease. He also was an expert witness in a disciplinary action for the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts.

    Both Wormser and Dattwyler continue to have conflicts of interests with Lyme diagnostic tests, which are required for diagnosis under the IDSA guidelines. GPW has received research grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, Immunetics, BioRad, DiaSorin, and Biomerieux; has equity in Abbott (not known to have any approved product for Lyme disease). (That’s an odd disclosure, right? What does he mean Abbott has no “approved” product for Lyme disease. I suppose the fact that they are working on a vaccine doesn’t count?) Both Wormser and Shapiro disclose that they are “members” of the American Lyme Disease Foundation. (In actuality, they are members of the Board of Directors.)

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