Surviving Lyme Disease

This story is important for two reasons:

First, it occurs in Alabama where few cases of Lyme disease (LD) have been reported; and

Second because it implies that the patient contracted LD within a max of  six hours (i.e., 4am – 10am); much earlier than the 48 hours the CDC insists that a tick must be attached. [Note: Hunter may have squeezed the ticks while removing them thus possibly forcing the contents of the tick’s abdomen into himself.]

Excerpted from The Andalusia Star News  ( Posted: 08/03/2010 )

Hunter Linzey went out two weeks ago looking to kill a hog, but all he came back with were two ticks and Lyme disease.

It’s easy to laugh about now, Linzey and his family said Monday, but in the three weeks following a weekend hog-hunting expedition in the Ino Community, the potentially deadly disease left doctors puzzled and Linzy miserable.Linzey, 12, and an incoming seventh grader at Pleasant Home School, and a family friend got up early Sat., July 10.

“We were in the woods about 4 a.m.,”Hunter said. “We didn’t kill anything that day either. We got home about 10 a.m., and I jumped in the shower.”

Linzy said he found the two ticks while washing his hair – one at his neckline, the other above his ear.

“I didn’t think anything about it,” he said. “I just pulled them out.”

Two weeks later, he started running a 102-degree fever and vomiting. Mom Tabitha took Linzy to Opp’s Dr. Bhagwan Bang to see what was wrong.

“And we didn’t know,” she said. “Dr. Bang ran all these tests, and when

Hunter’s liver enzymes came back elevated, they sent us straight to Mobile.”

For the full article:

~ by Rob on August 3, 2010.

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