Pocatello Clinic Helps Girl with Lyme Disease

I have not personally known chronic lyme patients to have long-term relief from chiropractic treatment, but, here is a clinic that purports good results.

Excerpted from KPVI News ( Posted: 08/30/2010 )

The West Chiropractic Clinic in Pocatello has been family owned since 1916, passed down for four generations.

Dr. Jason west is the current owner and sees patients from all over the world.

Sara ward, from Burley, had been sick since she was a three-years-old.

Sara Ward, 17 years old: “Strep, Kidney infections, gall bladder attacks, high fevers, migraines, and stomach aches…”

At sixteen years old she spent three weeks at Primary Children’s Hospital, paralyzed and on IV’s, and still no diagnosis. Her mother took one last chance to save her life, left the hospital, and came to the West Chiropractic Clinic in Pocatello.

Sara Ward, 17 years old: “I wasn’t even conscious.”

Dr. Jason West carried Sara inside, put her on IV’s and stayed with her until 4 in the morning. West diagnosed Sara with Chronic Lymes Disease. Sara and her mother lived in a trailer in the back of the West Clinic while she received treatments, and today, Sara, for the first time since she was a toddler, is thriving.

Sara Ward, 17 years old: “I can’t even say in words. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me.”

For  the video and full article: http://www.kpvi.com/story.php?id=26790&n=15207

~ by Rob on August 31, 2010.

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