Controversy Of Treating Lyme Disease Arises In TX

Excerpted from  ( Posted: 09/07/2010 )

“I was feeling severely fatigued,” she said. “It was hard just to get through the day.”

She was sick off and on for years, and didn’t know what was wrong with her.

In February, an urgent care doctor near her home told her he thought she had Lyme disease, a bacterial infection people get after being bitten by deer ticks. A bulls-eye lesion on the skin is a common symptom.

About 30,000 cases are reported nationwide each year, though experts say the number of cases could be much higher.

In Texas, however, the number of reported cases is far lower – only about 100 annually – and experts say that number could be lower because the ticks that spread Lyme disease aren’t common here.

For Reed, this was the second time she was diagnosed with the disease.

“I was bitten right around 16, up in New Jersey,” she said.

She believes when got Lyme disease as a teenager, she was never fully cured. Another physician, Dr. Ron Wilson of Denton, prescribed an aggressive treatment of antibiotics for Reed.

This treatment helped land Reed in the middle of a controversy that’s dividing the medical community and spurred the Texas Legislature to study the issues surrounding the disease.

“This is a very clever organism,” said Dr. Ron Wilson of Denton, who prescribed Reed the antibiotics. “A simple antibiotic for a short period of time may get rid of the symptoms for a while, but they come back.”

Reed said Wilson prescribed an IV infusion of antibiotics every twelve hours, four days a week for eight straight weeks. Reed keeps leftover medical supplies tucked away inside boxes.

“There is no evidence to support the fact that there is such a thing as chronic Lyme disease,” said Dr. Michael Norgard, chair of the Microbiology Department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Norgard and other infectious disease doctors nationwide are convinced the disease should be treated with short-term antibiotics, no longer than three weeks. They worry extended use of these drugs could actually ruin a patients health.

Norgard, who specializes in Lyme disease, said doctors who treat the disease with ongoing and aggressive antibiotics are irresponsible.

“They’re subjecting their patients to false hopes,” he said. “They’re not really getting to the real ideology of the underlying illness.”

Wilson changed his OB/GYN practice so he could also treat patients with Lyme disease.

“Whether it’s controversial or not is not my problem,” he said, “my job is to take care of people.”

Reed even credits Wilson with her recovery.

“I feel like for the first time in ten years, I can actually get through the day and feel pretty good,” Reed said.

But Reed is forced to find a new doctor: The Texas Medical Board received a complaint about Wilson and investigated his treatment of Lyme disease. The board disciplined the doctor for failing to use “the generally acceptable standard of care…” based on guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

“I feel discounted,” Wilson said. “I feel singled out.”

The board also concluded that the doctor recommended a patient buy a vitamin supplement that he received a percentage of profits for recommending. The state said Wilson must comply with its standard in treating Lyme disease and take an ethics course.

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20 Responses to “Controversy Of Treating Lyme Disease Arises In TX”

  1. Here is a blog poat about thq researcher that appeared on that video and his double talk. It’s crazy.

    • Kyle.

      Thanks for your post.

      I detest the argument: “There is no credible evidence.” It tends to be a copout. If evidence is provided and one disagrees, then they should be able to disprove it. Just generically saying all evidence is false is pure dismissal and carries no credibility.

      I think Dr. Norgard needs to explain what exactly is happening to all the Lyme patients after treatment. If he were correct about CL, this would be easy to explain. Yet, all the disbelievers point to psychosis as an explanation. Again, a copout.

      All the best,

  2. Dr. Wilson, the Denton Community misses you so much! You are easily the best ObGyn we had the pleasure of seeing, and you helped so many people deal with Lyme’s as well! You aren’t the only one that was hurt by this, Denton as a whole felt the blow. You saved my life, literally, and it wasn’t even OB related. You caught my appendecitis just in time, and I was in surgery when it burst. I owe you so much! Thank you for being one of the few Drs willing to help the patient, and not discount very real medical issues.

  3. I was just diagnosed with lyme’s, and I live in Idaho! Wished I could get a great doctor, I just got out of a six day stay in the hospital. It is nice to know that you can have a life after treatment! Thanks for sharing, your story gives me hope.

    Rhonda Wilson

    CAldwell, Idaho

    • Rhonda,
      I hope you have a good and informative support group helping you get through all this.

      I’m not too familiar with the LD situation in Idaho, but if your doctors caught it early enough then you have a reasonable chance of overcoming the worst of it.

      Here in the Northeast, I know scores of chronic LD patients who were detected and treated long after being infected. In their cases, long-term antibiotics are helping relieve symptoms, but it does not seem to be sustainable. Many of these chronic patients have sought out alternative treatments, but they too, have sustainability issues. If you find yourself relapsing hard, you may want to try focusing on detoxing and rebuilding your immune system. One’s immune system is one of the few weapons that have a lasting success against chronic Lyme.

      Also, you may want to mention your Lyme Physicians names here so that others in your area can seek out help as well.

      Best of luck with your battle,

      • will I am not working with any doctors in Idaho, I quiet because all they wanted to do was more test. My brother- n – law is a Lyme Disease doctor in another state! I work with him with antibots, because by the tim they found what I had, I was already at Chronic Lyme Disease. I am working with a herbal Registered Nurse in FruitLand, Idaho. They have herbs, for Lyme even my doctor has told me to take the same ones that Jane tell me to take. I just got out of the hospital was in there a week, I had to change everything seemed to be poising my body, all the drugs the doctors were given me, while I was seeing them, but I stopped and the inside of my body feels awesome, I am still weak, but off the walker, and on the cane so improvement. I also put my life in with God our Lord, and I have a wonderful husband who has been through will lets just say I am not the first wife, and he is twenty- one years older then I am, but with his brothers help, and God’s, and all the people from our church is just awesome, and that has just made my recovery much more easier to get through. I pray for everyone out there who is suffering from Lyme Disease, it is real, its not in our mind, and we are not crazy when doctors look at us and wonder why we keep coming when they tell us they can’t find anything wrong, We are real people with real hurts, and suffering! So I hope, and pray that who ever has not been diagnosed will find a blessing in a doctor, and those who have been diagnosed I hope you all get the help you need, and not just help the real help! Bless all of you, and there is a rainbow at the end of the darkness, and when you are deep over your head in the ocean their is someone to pull you out to safety the number one person, for me is God the second is my husband, and his brother, and Jane! God bless you all, have a great day!

  4. By the way I tested postivate for five of the blood bands for Lyme Disease!

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  7. In 2011 I saw top Derms at Southwestern-Dallas for Morgellons. They led me to believe the over 100 lesions on my body were self-inflicted and I was delusional. If I am delusional then how do they explain the thousands of other ppl across the world with this disease? Are they delusional, too? This country has to crawl out of their box and address parasitic diseases for what they are…disabling and in Morgellons…disfiguring.

    My daughter and I have chronic Lyme and saw Dr. Wilson. He was a most respectful man. He never mentioned my buying vitamins from him. I feel he was unjustly targeted and many ppl desperate for Lyme treatment truly miss him. He was the only Texas Lyme doctor we had.

    I do think Texas has more than 100 ppl with Lyme. Doctors are under-reporting because they don’t want to get involved in the politics. I live in a small Texas town and I know 6 ppl with Lyme. I was bedridden 9 years before a stranger told me my symptoms might be Lyme. I had no idea what the symptoms of Lyme were but you would think at least one of the 35 doctors I saw would. They are definitely mute on the subject.

    • G,
      Thanks for sharing. Texas certainly has a bigger issue than the state is willing to admit. In fact, the Univ. of North Florida just discovered that the Lone Star tick does indeed carry a strain of Lyme disease ( ).

      What is consistently frustrating is that some doctors will say the patient has psychological issues when they don’t have an answer for the patients illness or are unwilling to treat them. Such practices are unethical and they need to be exposed, or better yet lose their medical license.

      All the best,

      • Rob, is the Lone Star tick from Texas or a species? Texas is the Lone Star state, curious?

        TU for the article from UNF, very interesting. I will print and give to my family doctor.

      • G,
        The lone star tick, like the deer tick, is a species or type of tick. I believe that they can be found throughout the lower half of the US.

        The UNF study confirms again what I have suggested many times before. That is, that most biting insect can carry bacteria that is often associated only with Deer ticks (i.e. bartonella; ehrlichiosis; babesiosis; anaplasmosis). ( )

        I have yet to see a study explaining why biting insects can’t carry the diseases.

  8. I find the claims that Lyme has only been recently detected in Texas questionable when the State Parks had warnings posted over ten years ago (I saw these signs when we would go camping)…AND at that time if you went online you could find where the STATE recognized areas that ticks had tested positive for Lyme. Very confusing to me – maybe I have LYME??? I am interested because I am a therapist with clients who have been diagnosed – in Texas – and over 15 years ago. That is why I started reasearching as it was something new to me. In later years (about 10 years ago) when I started reading that there was NO Lyme in Texas I was confused as I had been told – BY the state, previously – that there was. My prayers for all of you.

    • Rick,
      The Univ of Northern Florida discovered that the Lone Star tick is indeed a carrier of Borrelia. In addition RMSF has similar traits to LYME. So you seem to be correct in suggesting it has been around for some time in TEXAS.

  9. I live near Little Rock,Ar. Have had Lyme/ with antibody of rmsf for 8 years, my daughter also for 7 years with Lyme/R.M.S.F and my ex has been tested for RMSF recently and has it. No one would help me or her just tons of testing for anything but dealing with the positive results we had in hand. He gets RMSF and the CDC calls the health department to call him! His Dr never called. Rolls my eyes yet the 3 Indian Infectious Disease Specialists I saw in one day told me have your lungs and heart checked there is no Lyme in Arkansas. After which my heart Dr said, they were liars or very uninformed that thousands here did. I have since met over 2,300 alone in my county and small towns and also people who knew someone who died from it or never got better. So I have been fighting for my family with all I have. Only one doctor in Little Rock specializes in this but charges ungodly amounts upfront and you can not get in to see him regardless, I have tried and tried. I need someone close who can help us. The CDC has since updated their lil 30,000 a year of people who get it to 300,000 but I know this is still not right, because it’s an epidemic everywhere. So here I am looking for a doctor in Texas and praying someone will contact me. We need a real LLMD because regular doctors do NOT have the slightest clue how to treat us. Simple Dozy did nothing it helped but we are ALL still sick. I spent 6 years in bed feeling like I would die and sometimes begging God to just take me it was so bad. This is a very complex disease and above our medical time by far it seems but I have faith we can get better after reading so many who can and do on my Lyme groups on Facebook. I don’t want to travel to Washington, Florida, New York where the greatest LLMD’S are but if that is what it takes and no on can help me here then we will soon. Those who do not believe in Chronic Lyme have no logic about it nor do they suffer ungodly like we do so they do NOT get it at all. It can mess with all organs, your brain, bones, joints, muscles, heart, hormones, energy levels in ungodly ways,etc etc etc and even all at once. So I’m looking for a smart LLMD WHO KNOWS THIS not your normal type doctor who has no clue.

  10. I also believe her anitbody for mono came with hers but mine is bartenella. Need someone who knows about co infections and testing and working on them as well. Thanks! I appreciate your time and hope someone gets back to me in the Texas area.

    • I have used Dr. Ron Wilson in Denton, TX (in the Dallas area) and think you would be pleased with him. Dr. Jonathan Forester is in Alexandria, LA so I’m not sure which is closer to you. Both I have used and liked. I am sorry your family has this dreadful disease. I was bedridden 9 years and I, too, begged God to take me from the misery. Not one doctor believed I had Lyme, basically my overwhelming symptoms confused them and they assumed I was depressed and lazy…a middle-aged women gone crazy. No compassion whatsoever. Dr. Wilson has recently moved his office and changed his phone number. His new number is 940-383-5963. He does not accept insurance or Medicare. I paid $350 for my initial consultation but it may have went up since I first saw him. Good luck and God bless your family.

  11. Google Amy Tan and Lyme (not Lyme’s) Disease.

  12. 2021 update: Any doctors still under scrutiny for treating Lyme outside the “standard of care” by IDSA? Please email me short detailed account at

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