Commentary: Leave and let live

The Lyme Vigilantes seem to be out in droves this holiday season.  All across the country, papers are reporting Lyme disease (LD) scams; attacking supportive doctors like Dr. Jemsek and Dr. Raxlen who have helped countless people with LD; and ridiculing those who proactively spread LD awareness.

Having opposing viewpoints is almost always educational.  But, when a blitz of one-sided information and viewpoints overwhelms the public, it borders on  propaganda.  Unfortunately, this negative message is being spread by some of the most influential newspapers in the country like the “LA Times” and “The Baltimore Sun”.  We can only ask ourselves why?

Certainly, LD is little understood by today’s medical professionals.  Many research studies are being conducted across the world, but any findings the studies uncover will take years before it is accepted and adopted by the medical community.  More so, it will take longer before doctors are properly educated to apply the findings.

Officially, treating LD comprises of a quick three week course of Doxycycline.  Since we know this regimen only works for some patients, Doctors really don’t have a cure for those more severe cases.  So instead, they revert back to their textbooks and label these incurable LD cases as non-curable ALS, Parkinson’s, MS, etc.

So now we ask ourselves, if we are diagnosed with one of these slow and debilitating death sentences, isn’t it more prudent to try a course of long-term antibiotics before we expire anyway.  Doctors generally say no, “Long-term antibiotics are bad for you”.  Hmmm, as opposed to dying?

Until medical research catches up with the ever mutating world of pathogens, let’s leave the medical heroes like Dr Grubb, Dr. Jemsek, Dr Jones, Dr. Raxlen, et. al. alone to practice their non-accepted treatments..  Their indebted patients would greatly appreciate it.

Have a healthy and happy New Year,


One final note: if you should get caught up in this quagmire of LD denial, please try the successful regimens of Swiss Doctor Rau and Georgian Doctor Maguuli Meshki who both have had great success improving the lives of chronic Lyme patients by strengthening their patients’ immune system.

~ by Rob on December 30, 2010.

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