Lyme disease panel hears from experts

Excerpted from  ( Posted: 01/22/2011 ) 

RICHMOND — After the first two meetings of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s task force on Lyme disease, the panel’s chairman is sure of one thing.

“I think it’s pretty clear we need more science,” said Michael Farris, the longtime home-schooling advocate and former candidate for lieutenant governor, after presiding over a four-hour meeting Friday.

McDonnell last fall tapped Farris to lead a task force to explore prevention and treatment of a tick-borne disease that is on the rise in Virginia. Farris has a personal interest in the issue. His wife and seven of his 10 children have been diagnosed with Lyme.

“I believe that anybody who’s dogmatic about any side of the kind of controversies around Lyme is speaking prematurely,” said Farris, the chancellor of Patrick Henry College in Loudoun County. “We’re in the early scientific stages of a very important disease that’s affected a lot of people, and I think we need more science.”

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