Lyme disease Author’s book offers hope to other sufferers

Excerpted from ( Posted: 03/27/2011 ) 

How do you deal with symptoms of Lyme disease, being misdiagnosed for several years and watching your life and health slip away?

If you’re like Janet L. DeCesare, you share years of such trying circumstances in a memoir and title it, perhaps most befittingly, “Ticked Off.”

DeCesare, 54, spoke recently from her Austintown-Warren Road home about “Ticked Off” (Tate Publishing & Enterprises LLC of Mustang, Okla., $17.99), which chronicles her physical, psychological and financial struggles with the infectious tick-borne viral disease while providing hope to sufferers.

“I was slowly deteriorating,” recalled DeCesare, who saw the first signs of trouble in 1995, when a circular, scaly rash appeared on her right foot.

Despite the topical creams she used, the rash increased in size, and it wasn’t long before pain, extreme fatigue, bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory problems and cognitive difficulties set in.

Initially DeCesare was diagnosed with ringworm, then was told she suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. It took 13 doctors, three hospital visits and $40,000 before a physician one of her sisters got her in touch with came up with the correct diagnosis and unraveled a four-year mystery, she explained.

In her book, DeCesare lists 46 symptoms of the illness, nearly all of which she had. They include twitching of facial and other muscles, a stiff jaw and neck, unexplained hair loss, sexual dysfunction, decreased mental capacity and confusion, continual infections, disorientation and mood swings.

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  1. Hi! Have you read the book? Is it (only) about her way to being diagnosed with Lyme or does it go beyond? Therapy, dealing with the sickness, etc.
    And most important: Is it a good read?

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