Commentary: Tick-in or the Leg

Courtesy of J. Holmes

We often hear that Lyme disease (LD) is contracted from a tick bite and confirmed by a bulls-eye rash and flu-like symptoms.  This may be true for the majority of cases, but what happens to those people whose immune systems are strong enough to fight off the disease?  Most likely, they avoid the disease until their immune system eventually weakens.

 Dr Rau, the Chief Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic inSwitzerland, and founder of Paracelsus Biological Medicine, believes that 25% of Americans have the antibodies to combat LD.  If true, this implies that as long as our immune systems are healthy, LD should not be an issue.

If we have LD antibodies, we must have been exposed to the bacteria at one time or another.

 For most of us who have never experienced a tick bite, why would we have such antibodies?  Possibly it was from some other biting insect or other exposure to the bacterium.  More likely, it could have been exposure from a mosquito bite, sand fly, horse fly, etc.

If Dr. Rau’s premise is correct, we should be wary of all biting insects.  More importantly, to combat these potential threats, it is imperative that we keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

It seems that the LD bacterium and its co infections are prevalent in many of us and until our immune systems have been compromised, the disease is at bay.  For example, when we contract the flu.  So then, is the flu a symptom or a catalyst.

Disclaimer: I had high liver enzymes; intense insomnia; vision impairment; numb fingertips for 10 years and still managed to train and run four marathons.  Then, one Christmas I got the flu.  I’ve been crippled ever since.  [Note: ticks are generally dormant in the winter.]

~ by Rob on April 24, 2011.

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