State targets rising Lyme disease

That committee recommended the commission investigate whether the state should begin spraying to kill ticks in conjunction with ongoing mosquito spraying to contain the spread of encephalitis and West Nile virus; enact laws mandating insurance coverage for Lyme disease testing and long-term antibiotic treatment; and seek additional medical research into the disease and treatment methods.

 Excerpted from ( Posted: 04/30/2011 ) 

BOSTON —  In the wake of a new legislative report that found state Lyme disease control and prevention efforts “haphazard at best,” the House of Representatives has approved creation of a Lyme disease commission to investigate the need for new screening programs and other steps to combat the illness spread by bacteria from tick bites.

Included in the House budget approved Thursday, the amendment authorizing the commission charges it with studying the value of public health screening in high-risk areas, more prevention steps in schools, and the need for more medical research of the progression and treatment of Lyme disease.

State public health officials have reported that the incidence of Lyme disease cases reported in the state grew from 2,461 in 2005 to 4,045 in 2009, the most recent year for which state data is available. Massachusetts has also been among the states with the highest incidence rates.

The commission would include legislators, public health officials, the state epidemiologist, disease experts and two Lyme disease patients or their family members.

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~ by Rob on May 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “State targets rising Lyme disease”

  1. Yes they desperately need to set something like that up here in Australia, but they are too busy denying it even exists here, while so many of us are decaying and suffering from this disease.

    Hopefully the commission will warn people against bird nesting’s in their homes etc, also, I have found that most here in Australia, certainly within the last few years, have got Lyme and coinfections, including Morgellons, following having nesting’s in their home, the Indian Mynor Birds here are rife with the ticks, mites etc that carry, transmit and spread Lyme disease to humans.

    God save us all.

    • The birds are truly amazing in Australia. Actually, barring the crocs, the T-devils and the spiders, you have to love the Aussie wildlife. But unfortunately, that same love affair with mother nature gave many of us nature’s STD (i.e. LD).

      When they came around and sprayed the NY burbs dor West Nile, I thought why not put a little extra punch in for ticks. But, since they hadn’t accepted that there was a problem yet, it was not going to happen.

      If they do wind up spraying Mass., it wont’t take long before the birds from the other states bring them back. At least it is a step in the right direction.

      A tick in time saves Lyme

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