Commentary: The True Heroes

Reposted from Lyme Handbook (05/26/2010)


Photo courtesy of A. Cattermole

With Lyme Awareness month coming to a close, I want to bring attention to that very special group of people whose lives have also been turned upside down by this debilitating disease: the friends and families of the chronically sick.  These unsung heroes may not be physically crippled by the disease, but, the mental anguish that accompanies seeing a loved one or friend deteriorate slowly and prematurely is suffocating.

Their sacrifices are endless:
  • Helping those that can’t help themselves is tiring;
  • Always being worried and conscious of a loved one’s needs is mentally exhausting;
  • Knowing that vacations and  family holidays may not be feasible is disappointing;
  • Absorbing medical expenses or compensating for lost income is worrying;
  • Accepting that your parent is limited and different from the others is heartbreaking; and/or
  • Knowing you can’t do more for your child is devastating.


But, on top of all the difficulties and sacrifices, these amazing people do it all without question or hesitation.  And because of them, they give the chronically sick the spark, the optimism, and the willpower to persevere.

Though we may not be able to express our appreciation like we once could, their efforts never go unnoticed and are always appreciated.

Because of their efforts and understanding, we are stronger and we will get there.

They are truly amazing.

~ by Rob on May 24, 2011.

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