Commentary: Credible evidence? Incredible!

 We often hear that there is no CREDIBLE EVIDENCE:

  • That chronic Lyme Disease exists;
  • That long-term antibiotics are effective;
  • That biting insects other than the deer ticks may transmit Lyme Disease; etc.

Frankly, I find the term “credible evidence” to be a despicable and an overused argument.  No matter how many studies are conducted or statistics collected to support a position, there will always be some self-proclaimed expert contradicting the finding for financial or political gain.

The US Legal definition of “Credible Evidence” is:

Credible evidence is not evidence which is necessarily true, but is evidence worthy of belief, that is, worthy to be considered by the jury. It is often natural, reasonable and probable as to make it easy to believe.

We can see from this definition that for any particular evidence presented, a lawyer could make a reasonable argument to support or disprove it.

As for medical studies, peer reviews are subsequently conducted and published before it can be considered medically accepted and deemed credible.  Unfortunately, the reviews are tainted with political self-interests; influences; and financial motives.

So then, where is the credible evidence in seeking out tainted medically accepted credible evidence?  If we wait for researchers to take an interest in our medical condition; perform the research; await peer review; and then wait for these medical  institutions to resolve their differences about this rapidly spreading disease, we will long be dead.

So the next time a physician insinuates that there is no credible evidence supporting chronic Lyme disease, demand that they show you credible evidence of the contrary.

~ by Rob on May 31, 2011.

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