Lyme Disease Often Misdiagnosed in Arizona

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PHOENIX – It’s not a disease you normally associate with Arizona. Lyme Disease — it’s much more common in wet and forested areas where you find ticks.

Maybe because it’s so uncommon here, a local woman who has Lyme Disease wasn’t properly diagnosed for years, and she wants to get the word out.

Lizzie Bloom, 22, from Phoenix, has been sharing her battle on YouTube since May.

“Lyme Disease is an infection you get from a tick, which is a parasite, and as it takes a bite out of you, it injects a bacteria,” said naturopathic physician Dr. Natalie Ham.

Ham is now treating five patients with Lyme Disease, and she said it’s a very difficult disease to diagnose properly.

“All of my Lyme Disease patients, not one of them have the same collection of symptoms. So, unfortunately, Lizzie’s story is common with Lyme Disease patients,” Ham said.

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One Response to “Lyme Disease Often Misdiagnosed in Arizona”

  1. Read Brian Rosner’s book on Lyme. Antibiotics won’t kill the Lyme eggs or its co-infections; only very strong pulsed magnetic fields, Rife machines, can. My wife and i bought a Doug M. “coil machine” two years ago; use it once a month for just a few minutes and i have gone from mostly bedridden to working again, part time. Marshall Protocol is the 2nd best choice for a cure and both can be done together.

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