Video – Lyme disease in Australia

~ by Rob on July 31, 2011.

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  1. Yes my husband who has never been out of Australia, was bitten by ticks and mites off birds while working in North Sydney and again in the Ryde area of Sydney, NSW, nowhere near bush or wildlife, other than birds, he was also misdiagnosed and appallingly treated by the very people he thought where here to treat and heal him.

    He was misdiagnosed with everything from scabies, eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, delusions and more, until the Lyme started to eat away at his right leg (attacking an old wound) and he got atrophy so severe that the pain was indescribable and he couldn’t walk, several times he collapsed and sat on the floor in Doctor’s rooms here in Australia, begging them to take him seriously and test him for Lyme disease and co-infections.

    Often being ridiculed and told with a smirk by these Doctors, Lyme does not exist here, so snap out of it and you will be ok. Sometimes being yelled at by them, while they refused to request tests for him or while they refused to give him any copies of results that had already been done. Brett was terrified, as was I by now, we thought this would only be happening in a horror movie or nightmare.

    They continually told him there is no Lyme disease in Australia and we got no medical assistance whatsoever here, he could not work and I left work unpaid for one year, leaving us destitute, to research and find a protocol to arrest the disease in him, this was the only reason he retained the use of his leg and is likely also the only reason he is alive, he was a very sick man.

    Because they allowed him to progressively become chronically ill with Lyme, instead of treating it early, which is paramount for recovery, he is still very ill but has now seen an LLND from America and is resuming a protocol, appropriate to the length of time he has now had this, hopefully at the very least this will give him some quality of life back.

    They also, just as they did with Karl McManus and so many others with this disease here in Australia, prescribed steroids and immunosuppressive drugs for him, it was only due to my own research, which wasn’t too hard to find as it is well documented, that I knew, by then, not to let him take them and that it is extremely detrimental to give a Lyme disease sufferer, steroids, etc, or they would have killed him also.

    The first question our LLMD asked him, when we finally found one, was had he been given any steroids, since contracting Lyme disease, when he said no, my wife wouldn’t let me take them, our LLMD said, thank God for that, we now won’t need to hook you up to a pic line and we may be able to make you well.

    He was told Lyme and Lyme co-infections do not exist here in Australia and left to rot, Nobody he saw here in Australia would listen to his explanation about the birds, he knew he caught his disease from parasites off birds, there was and is no doubt, I suppose being in Australia, one cannot expect to be listened to about such logical carriers of these diseases, being that here in Australia, even if you have been bitten by a specific tick while riding a deer and know it, they still tell you, it cannot be Lyme as our ticks are exceptional from the rest of the world’s ticks and do not carry Borrelia/Spirochetes. How embarrassing for those responsible for this ridiculous misinformation, once the truth is exposed we may be the laughing stock of the world

    I have since been doing a survey for the last year and it is terrifying to see how many have this disease/certainly the symptoms following Indian Mynor bird’s nesting in their family home, work, church, school, etc.

    Lyme disease and the co-infections that seem to go hand in hand have been left to spread unobstructed and denied for so long now in this country, that the birds (main culprit seems to be the Indian Mynors) are rife with the ticks and mites that are transmitting this to humans.

    If our Government and Health Dept continue with this absurd and dangerous attitude and message to all Australians, that Australia is immune from the world’s fastest emerging disease and that the migrating birds carrying this disease into most every other country of the world have steeple jumped Australia, then there will be no well people left here.

    It is already an epidemic of, I believe, massive proportions here in Australia and once the misdiagnoses stops and they stop calling it Arthritis, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Psychological, MS and many other Neuro diseases with unknown cause, hypochondria, menopause, old age, delusions and too many more to put down here and when they start calling it by its right name and and acknowledging its true cause, then the fallacy that it is non-existent or rare here, will read correctly in the NSW Health Dept fact sheet and the words rare or non-existent will be replaced with the word rife and humanely include warnings about how to prevent and or treat it.

    At present, due to the Australian people not being made aware, other than those infected this way, think that nesting Indian Mynors are just a pest, but I swear to God that you will never be told anything more true than what I am saying now, these parasites on these birds will take away your quality of health and life and that of your children, often eventuating in death, in some much quicker than in others.
    Yours sincerely
    Jodie Donnelly
    A Lyme disease sufferer, who has also never left Australia.

  2. I was directed to this blog by a new friend on the Morgellons Support group. Ive suffered from symptoms of Lymes since I was a child. I have had numerous tick bites and my family rescues wounded birds. 28 yrs ago I was bitten by a tick that went unnoticed for 3 wks, after this bite I’ve developed Bells palsy and then the list started to rapidly grow: Epilepsy, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Digestive problems ranging from malabsorbtion to ulcers, Osteoporosis, Emphysema, Period and hormonal issues, Breast cysts, Ovarian cysts, Eczema, Psorisis, High blood pressure, Raynauds Syndrome,Skin Infections, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Post-partrum Hemorrages, Retained Placenta, Anemia, Involuntary Anorexia, Gout, Recurrent Miscarraige and Stillbirth (4 babies gone with no answers is too much). The list goes on and on. Throughout this time I have been labelled as delusional, a hyperchondriac (even though Ive results have proven illnesses), Anorexic, Attention seeking, Bulimic, Bi-polar and schizophrenic. Ive made 3 attempts on my life during this time due to the fact that no one would help or believe me (not even my family) . Ive made repeated requests to be tested for Lymes, pulled bugs, threads and worms from my skin in front of these so called professionals who tell me to stop bothering them and get on with my life, perhaps with help I could!! Ive been instutionalized involuntary Ive taken their meds and falsly admitted anorexia and attention seeking to keep my Son and get the hell out of there, now i think enough is enough Ive lived quietly in fear and avoided so call health professionals for too long now its time to fight for my rights! If there is anything I can do to help make people aware Lymes is here and Morgellons is true and help support your good work pls let me know…

    • Jo,
      I am deeply sorry for the torture you are going through.

      Let me lay down this required disclaimer and then we can talk candidly and openly.

      I am not a physician, but I do work and get referrals from some of the top LLDs in the world. However, I am a 30+ year systems analyst who has been LD infected for 20 years and involved in the Lyme community for well over a decade.

      My team is in the process of opening Wellness Centers around the US for Chronic Lyme (CL) patients who have not had success with long-term antibiotics. These centers will provide drug-free treatment and detox regimens for CL sufferers. I may take you up on your offer to spread awareness, thank you.

      With over 9 years of daily IVs, many times I wished my life would just end, especially during those Herxing episodes. The torture I was going through and the toll it took on my family was unbearable. But, I have been improving over the past two years so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

      So please, be strong and persevere. When you find the formula for improving, you’ll be proud, a hero, and you’ll be able to help the others afflicted.

      As for the Morgellons, what crap. They often diagnose this when doctors and hospitals don’t have an answer. Rather than be ethical and admitting they don’t know, they label it psychological. What a “Catch-22”. You can’t challenge the diagnosis because the geniuses already labeled you crazy.

      Can I assume you are Down Under? If so, LLDs are far and few between. A non LLD may do more damage than good. This is because a non aggressive course of antibiotics may enable surviving spirochetes to mutate and become resistant. If that happens, that’s one less weapon in the arsenal to fight the disease.

      If you are left to fend for yourself:

      • Exercise often. It is believed that the spirochetes don’t like oxygen, so oxygenating your body might help.

      • Eat plenty of natural antibiotics like garlic. But if you do so, remember to replenish the good bacteria (e.g. acidophilus).

      • Eat anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries. It might relieve some joint pains.

      • Likewise, avoid inflammatory foods like breads, pastas, etc.

      • You might try the Vit C and Sea Salt regimen, but be careful. Too much salt in your diet is dangerous.

      If these ideas are succeeding, you might experience some severe Herxing. Though torturous, it should be a good sign; the spirochetes are dying.

      As for the Galas, Rosellas, Cockatoos, etc., they are worth rescuing. Thank you.

      All the best, and stay optimistic,

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