Commentary: Reading between the Lymes

My critics have often accused me of being an alarmist because of my raising the possibility of contracting Lyme Disease (LD) infections through: non-pasteurized dairy products; insects other than ticks; and ticks attached for  less than 24 hours.  In fact, study after study has suggested that these concerns are more than just conjecture.  Yet, the studys’ results are labeled inconclusive by the medical community and dismissed[1].  That appears quite convenient.

Dr. Rau , Chief Medical Director and Founder of the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, has found that 40% of randomly selected people in the North East showed positve LD antibodies in their serological tests.  This raises many questions, and even more alarms:

  • Can it be true that 40% of people in the NE have been bitten by infected ticks or is there some other vector  transmitting the disease?
  • Why don’t all these people show  symptoms of LD?
  • Why is LD so prevalent since the 1970’s?

When you listen to Dr Rau’s hypothesis to these questions, or study the successful Physicians or healing experts like Dr Horowitz or Maggie Meshkie, you generally come to similar conclusions.  Inidividuals with a healthy immune system are generally strong enough to combat the disease naturally.  It’s not until an infected individual’s  immune system weakens does LD progress to the 2nd stage where symptoms begin  to show.

Of course, there are many factor’s that can weaken ones’s immune system.  Dr Rau believes it’s an individual’s inner milieu,  Dr Horowitz attributes the immune system’s efficacy to vitamin deficiency and metal poisoning, and Maggie Meshkie believes it’s a combination of both.  Maggie Meshkie believes one’s healing efficacy is better achieved through proper  blood circulation and detoxificaing herbal teas.

So then, why is LD a bigger proplem now?  Is it an environmental issue?  Dr Rau believes it is.  He suggests that the excessive levels of toxins in our water through pesticides, fertilizers, etc.  is harming the immune system’s of our wildlife and causing the wildlife to become ever increasing vectors.  Therefore, more biting insects are passing infections onto humans.

If we wait until the CDC buys into these theories and studies, millions more will have progressed from stage-1 LD to stage-3 (i.e. chronic L D).

After all, before obvious research on AIDS was accepted, the public was told it was only a GAY issue:

“Dr. Curran (CDC – 1981) said there was no apparent danger to non homosexuals from contagion. ‘The best evidence against contagion’, he said, ‘is that no cases have been reported to date outside the homosexual community or in women’”

 – The New York Times


All the best,


[1] For more info, see “310 – Not Just Ticks” :

~ by Rob on December 2, 2011.

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