The Healthline Interview: Daryl Hall

Excerpted from Healthline   ( Posted: 12/06/2011)

I don’t really understand why the CDC has not recognized it, and nobody has ever given me an answer that satisfies me as to why this has not really been addressed or recognized. Everyone who suffers from Lyme disease is sort of on their own.

Singer/songwriter Daryl Hall is a soul survivor in every sense.  With John Oates he formed Hall & Oates, the most successful recording duo of all time, scoring a slew of No. 1 singles including “Rich Girl,” “Kiss on My List”  and “Sara Smile” across six consecutive multi-platinum albums in the 70s and 80s.  

More recently he has reinvented himself for the digital age by collaborating with a mix of legends and newer performers including Smokey Robinson, The Doors, Todd Rundgren, Train, Rob Thomas, Chromeo and Eric Hutchinson on his own WEBBY award-winning variety show Live From Daryl’s House.   But Hall’s greatest challenge has been met in his personal life.  On the heels of his latest release Laughing Down Crying, Hall spoke candidly to Healthline about his five-year battle with Lyme disease, how he successfully manages the enigmatic illness and standing strong and remaining youthful at 65.

Daryl, you were diagnosed with Lyme disease about five years ago, and you’re always willing to speak publicly about it.  Let’s start from the beginning.  How did you contract Lyme disease?

I got it the way everybody gets it.  I’ve lived in the country for many, many years – in the New York / Connecticut border; it’s a hotbed of deer and other wildlife animals.  I’d been bitten over the years so many times, and I think it finally reached a critical mass and I crashed and burned about five years ago.

For the complete interview:

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