Lyme disease sexually transmitted, Part II

Excerpted from   ( Posted: 01/09/2012

And yes, I spoke with a Philadelphia doctor – one at a well-known university. She did not argue that sexual transmission is a possibility being that Lyme is much like syphilis in its spirochete form. She urged people to use protection and avoid cuts, legions, etc. in the genital area, which would make Lyme easier to penetrate the skin. She also consulted with her superior who said that he had heard of many couples claiming they are convinced they infected each other. But again, just like I said in the last story, he said that there were no studies done to verify this theory.

From the last article I wrote making a rather bold and provocative statement about Lyme disease being sexually transmitted, it seemed to peak a lot of interest – and controversy.

I received multiple comments on the article itself and e-mails from curious readers who are eager to know more information.

Much to my surprise, I also found an e-mail in my inbox from the Center for Disease Control from the telltale Web site.

It read as follows:

“Hi Cassie – I work in media relations for the CDC and was interested to see your recent story on Lyme disease. It refers to a ‘recent statement’ by CDC. Our Lyme disease experts were not aware of any recent …”

For the complete article:

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