Reydon woman’s petition bid to put Lyme disease in spotlight

Excerpted from EDP24   ( Posted: 02/01/2012)

Denise Longman has suffered for 26 years with Lyme disease after she was infected from a tick bite while holidaying in Scotland.

And now the 60 year old is determined to improve the profile of the disease, which she claims is wide-spread in the UK and misdiagnosed by doctors.

At present, more than 1,000 people have signed her petition which is being presented at Downing Street on Wednesday May 9.

It is demanding for special clinics to be set up to deal with the infected, and for doctors to receive more training in tick-borne infections.

Meanwhile, Mrs Longman is also calling for improvements to be made to treatment by giving suffering antibiotics until they are better.

She said: “Only people with pots of money are getting treatment. My life has been ruined by Lyme disease. I cannot afford private treatment and I never expected the NHS to be denying the science of long-term infection in Lyme. They are not even trying different protocols to address the matter. Are they frightened of using too many antibiotics on people? Why do they give people with Acne antibiotics for years and not be bothered. Why aren’t they helping us?”

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