Commentary: Tick Tick Doom

In Le Roy, NY, a number of teenage girls have come down with a mysterious illness which is being described as tourettes-like ticking.[1]  For anyone that has experienced the spasms and twitching that is generally associated with neurological Lyme Disease (LD), this story raises many red flags.

The facts:

  • Le Roy is in upstate NY, a LD hotspot.
  • Some of the girls first noticed problems in the autumn, a prime breeding and feeding period for ticks.
  • Toxic exposure to students is being investigated due to natural gas fracturing in the area and a 60,000 gallon trichloroethylene spill from a previous freight train accident.  If detected, the      student’s immune systems could have compromised their ability to combat all diseases.

I can only assume that LD was explored as a cause of this outbreak.  But, without the proper testing or physician experience, we all know the probable diagnosis, and more so, the denial.  In fact, like many unexplained illnesses, psychologists are calling this a type of mass hysteria or  neuropsychiatric syndrome.  This always frustrates me to no end.  It’s like saying rape is the women’s own fault.  Disgraceful!

I hope the parents of these young women have the good sense to seek out a reputable Lyme Literate doctor before it progresses too far.  And if they do not have LD, even better.

To all the families. I wish you all the very best,


[1] See “Doctors differ on diagnosis in Tourette’s-like cases“ :


~ by Rob on February 8, 2012.

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