Commentary: Surviving Lyme Disease, in spite of it all

Throughout our lives, we are selectively force fed misinformation that generally benefits the messenger’s agenda.  In extreme cases, it may be for political or propaganda reasons or it might be for more benign purposes like marketing consumer products, etc.  In either case, we spend our lives fine-tuning our ability to sift through the garbage and try to survive in spite of it all.

For instance, I spent a good part of my youth practicing to duck-and-cover under my desk in case my now allied Russia friends dropped a nuclear bomb on my school.  Or, to avoid the so-called hallucinogenic drug marijuana which today has deemed medicinal .  Additionally, we managed to survive all those sugary cereals even though we were told they were part of a healthy and balanced breakfast.  And yet we knew it was silly and we survived.

So then, what do we do about this Lyme epidemic?  Scientists have estimated that the problem has increased geometrically in the past few years.  Reports of Lyme cases have been confirmed in all 50 states, bulls-eye rashes and flu-like symptoms are known not to be tell-tale signs of contracting Lyme disease. And even the CDC recognizes that the 30,000 annual cases may be ten times higher due to underreporting and misdiagnosis.

I personally reject any notion of a Lyme conspiracy or propaganda machine, but, I do however believe that the disparate groups have their own personal agendas for misleading the public.  Whether or not the research is publicly available, it would be wiser to disseminate the research so individuals can take precautions as they see fit.

With all of the daily media doctors on TV, do any of them have the courage to emphasize the research that is available and the simplicity of of contracting these crippling infections from: other biting insects, food, etc. or do we need to just duck-and-cover in spite of it all.

Overly preventive measures are not a crime, but contracting Lyme disease may be a life sentence.

All the best,


~ by Rob on March 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “Commentary: Surviving Lyme Disease, in spite of it all”

  1. Can you please tell us a little bit about lyme story? How are you doing now?

    • R,
      Thanks for asking. Having had the disease for over 20 years and daily antibiotics for 10, I was an extreme case. I had the full range of symptoms including dementia and paralysis.

      With the help of Maggie Meshkie, I have been able to clear most all my symptoms. The nerve damage is my last major hurdle, but, it is improving slowly. I am grateful for Maggie’s genius and help.

      All the best,

      My story:

  2. I believe that Dr. Eugene Shapiro at Yale University is the big cheese as far
    as all the misinformation and outright lies regarding Lyme disease are con-
    cerned. The information from the CDC regarding Lyme disease parrots his
    bald-faced lies almost ver batim. Dr. Shapiro is the one most responsible for
    Dr. Jones in Oklahoma having his medical license suspended on phony
    grounds. All because Dr. Jones did not beieve the outright lie that Lyme
    disease is non-existent in Oklahoma. I beieve that there is an organized
    conspiracy involving certain special interests to purposely mislead the
    public. I beieve that Dr. Shapiro is very much involved as far as what the
    IDSA panels and the CDC say or do. I believe that there is big money behind the scenes that has a lot to do with what the CDC, the FDA, and
    the IDSA panels do. The corruption and greed stinks to high heaven. All of
    these agencies are very easily bribed by special interests with deep pockets.

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