Accounting for Lyme disease

Excerpted from ( Posted: 04/02/2012)

Studies in Massachusetts indicate the undercounting may be even greater than  thought — although pharmacies in one county in Massachusetts filled 1,080  prescriptions for antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, only 25 Lyme cases were  reported to the federal Centers  for Disease Control and Prevention.

DANBURY — After a mild winter, the black-legged ticks are out, waiting to  hitch onto any mammal passing by — including humans — for their first blood  meal of the season.

That means it may be a big year for Lyme disease  — one of the banes of  the state.

The disease may affect as many as 30,000 people in the Connecticut.  Maybe  more, maybe less.

The Housatonic  Valley Council of Elected Official‘s Lyme Disease Task Force is trying to  get the state Department  of Public Health to do a better job of counting Lyme disease cases.

And the Lyme Disease Registry at Western  Connecticut Health Network‘s Biomedical  Research Institute is trying to get a better handle on the mechanics of the  disease by recruiting more people who have had Lyme to participate in  its program.

“We’re trying to marry epidemiology with a science lab,” said Joann  Petrini, assistant director for original research at the laboratory, while  she gave task force members a tour of the laboratory last week.

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