ILADS: Pregnancy and Tick-borne Diseases: Gestational Lyme

Click the link below to hear Dr. Charles Ray Jones’ lecture.

~ by Rob on June 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “ILADS: Pregnancy and Tick-borne Diseases: Gestational Lyme”

  1. I wish the whole lecture were available for free. Dr. Jones doesn’t really get to explaining “Gestational Lyme” in the first 11 minutes. Why does ILADS need to sell their videos?

    • It is unfortunate that these terrific lectures come at a cost. Like most of us, I would think ILADS is just trying to scrape by and provide a good service, which they obviously do. Much of their audience are medical professionals that can afford a few bucks, The rest of us have already been drained by medical bills. At least we got the teaser.

      All the best,

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