Lyme disease sufferers rally for recognition

Excerpted from Illawarra Mercury  ( Posted: 09/09/2012)

”I had one of the leading infectious disease specialists in Sydney tell me, ‘You can’t have Lyme. It’s not here.’ I’m now trying to sell my house to move to the UK for a few months for treatment where they actually recognise Lyme disease and want to help patients get better.”

THERE is no conclusive evidence Lyme disease caused by ticks exists in Australia – that is if you believe the NSW Health Department website.

<a href=”;ctype=article;cat=illawarramercury;cat1=lands;cat2=health;region=southcoast;locstate=nsw;pos=1;tile=1;sz=xxxx;ord=80455833?”><img src=”;ctype=article;cat=illawarramercury;cat1=lands;cat2=health;region=southcoast;locstate=nsw;pos=1;tile=1;sz=xxxx;ord=80455833?&#8221; width=”300″ height=”250″ /></But try telling that to sufferers of the disease planning to rally outside the department’s offices in North Sydney on Friday. They are calling for recognition of the disease, which they believe affects as many as 200,000 people across the country.

They say  there should be more research, increased accredited testing processes and education for doctors to recognise, test and treat both early- and chronic-stage Lyme disease.

The protesters will include outdoor workers in national parks who have contracted the disease and  are backed by the Public Service Association. The PSA’s industrial officer, Geo Papas, said: “It is outrageous that our government health authorities have buried their collective heads in the sand over this issue.

”This is a public interest issue and I call on the NSW government to initiate a public inquiry into this disease with a view to recognising its existence, educating medical professionals in its detection and treatment so as to minimise the impact it has on the lives of workers and the general public.

“I would not like to be someone who contracts this disease in NSW in the course of their employment because of the changes to the workers’ compensation legislation, as you would have to fund your own legal challenge on the basis of a disease that is not recognised by government health authorities.”

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One Response to “Lyme disease sufferers rally for recognition”

  1. My husband has never left Australia and was a very active and healthy man until he slept in a bus Depot bed at North Sydney, NSW, Australia, on 7 Sept 2008.

    He was bitten multiple times by what he realised later was from arthropods and ticks off birds that were roosting above and around the facilities.

    There was no bush, or other wildlife to be seen just an abundance of bird’s due to staff feeding and encouraging them to take refuge there.

    This was the beginning of awful skin issues, chronic fatigue, unbearable pain, atrophy, headaches and other systemic and neurologic suffering he could never have imagined prior to getting Borrelia and co-infections.

    Numerous GP’s and Dermatologists here in Australia misdiagnosed the infestation of parasitical vectors this left on and under his skin, EM and ACA rashes as Scabies and Eczema.

    As the infection spread and he got sicker, he was collapsing, in agony and unable to walk 10 metres, his right leg atrophied to nearly half as thin as his left one as the spirochetes were eating it away while attacking an old wound of which they love to do.

    ID Dr’s and other so called Specialist’s here in Australia diagnosed him with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Terminal Cancer, Gout, GERD, Bursitis, Arthritis, Delusional & even with, not being hugged enough as a child by his father. Yes I kid you not.

    It was obvious and we had no doubt that his skin and worsening internal conditions were caused from the parasites off the birds that had bitten him in the bed, but at that stage, we, like most other Australian’s had been kept stupid to what was really going on regards to Lyme disease in Australia.

    When we learned of the link between migrating and ground foraging birds and the paramount role they play as reservoirs for numerous Borrelia and co-infections as well as the carriers and disseminators of many stages of ticks, including larvae and nymphs, which attack in multiples and are too small to see.

    As well as arthropods, such as mites and lice that also transmit a multitude of Borrelia and co-infections to humans, we realised it was Lyme and how absurd it was to suggest Australia was exempt from something that is all through the rest of the world and spread by birds.

    This information has been kept very well under wraps as it would be very hard to keep the masses docile and clueless once they realise one does not have to have seen a Deer close by or a blood engorged tick attached to them to get infected.

    Once the people realise it only takes a nesting of bird’s such as Indian Mynors or Pigeons close by, or in the roof of their family home, to infect the whole family or to be bitten by bed bugs to get infected, they will become more pro-active and wise up to just how wide spread and easy to catch, these infections really are and that many of their illnesses being referred to as having an unknown cause are logically caused by Borrelia and co-infections.

    We also, through research found out that bed bugs are often off birds and usually out of nesting’s and a mix of all these ticks and arthropods infesting a bed while feeding on humans in multiples are often referred to as bedbugs, which people are told do not transmit disease, nothing could be further from the truth when these parasites infesting the bed you are sleeping in are off birds.

    It is highly unlikely that a victim of this would not end up with numerous Borrelia and co-infections, just as my husband and so many others have from such an incident.

    So we requested testing but those that we thought were here in Australia to protect us and our children from such deadly, unbearable and life shattering diseases, such as our Government and Medical Authorities, as well as our Entomologists told us that Australia was exempt from the rest of the world’s fastest emerging diseases such as Lyme.

    They told us that our migratory birds are different from the rest of the worlds and considerately avoid dropping these disease vectors off on our shores. Seriously? I do have a letter from Local Members and Health Minister, pretty much saying this.

    There are too many to link here but one only has to research under Migrating, Sea or Ground Foraging birds, ticks, lice, mites, Borrelia and co-infections and there are numerous Entomological, Ornithological and Scientific studies done all around the world, that demonstrate how absolutely absurd and dangerous those responsible for these myth’s that have been circulated, are, which have shrouded the truth about how wide spread and easy to catch Lyme and co-diseases are here in Australia, just as they are around the rest of the world.

    Instead of investing their resources for the last two decades, in denial, ignorance, cover ups and lies, they could have invested in educating people in awareness and avoidance of the disease and the Doctor’s in diagnosing and treating it early, before it becomes chronic, life ruining and eventually a death sentence for so many.

    They should be made accountable for their atrociously diabolical crime against humanity and they should be extremely embarrassed and ashamed as will be their children when they realise the wide spread suffering, torture and death this has caused to innumerable amounts of Australian’s and their families.

    They have turned Australia into a nation of chronically ill people with what are incorrectly and callously being referred to as idiopathic illnesses, while also stealing our children’s health, youth and right to live a happy healthy childhood from them.

    Lyme denied is nothing less than genocide.

    Yours sincerely


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