Rare disease strikes Mudgee woman

Excerpted from the Mudgee Guardian: (03/11/2013)

Local veterinary nurse Lisa Tubnor is attempting to warn Australians of the danger of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is the world’s most common tick-borne illness, with a vast range of symptoms affecting any organ in the body, including muscles and joints, the heart, gastro-intestinal system and neurological system

Although the disease is rare in Australia, with NSW Health saying, “there is little evidence that it occurs”, the International Journal of General Medicine has described Australian cases and “identified a much larger tick-borne disease burden within the Australian community than hitherto reported”.

In June 2012, Ms Tubnor started to experience headaches, neck pain, anxiety and nausea that led her on a five-month search for the root of the problem.

She saw several doctors and went though multiple medical tests, specialist visits and months of physiotherapy, and never had Lyme disease suggested as the cause.

“On several occasions when I mentioned the possibility, I was met with the same phrase that every other Aussie like me has encountered: ‘There is no Lyme in Australia’,” she said.

“I had to source my own Lyme Literate Doctor through a support group in California, USA, and arrange and fund for my blood to be sent to a lab in America for testing.”

Her test results returned positive for Lyme and several co-infections, and she began treatment for chronic Lyme disease.

For more: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/1355193/rare-disease-strikes-mudgee-woman/?cs=1485

~ by Rob on March 12, 2013.

One Response to “Rare disease strikes Mudgee woman”

  1. By the time they come clean with the truth about Borrelia infections, and how wide spread and out of control it is now, for reasons discussed in the attached blogs, most if not everyone will have it to some degree, if they don’t already.
    Sadly most have no idea how wide spread and easy to catch it actually is. Uncountable amounts of families are being torn to shreds by this disease, largely because of the numerous ongoing misdiagnosis’s they are given and maltreatment they receive after becoming infected, exacerbating their illness and suffering tenfold.
    How terrifying is it that our daughters will flare up the disease when becoming pregnant, while Borrelia prepares to invade their unborn babies, as Borrelia loves to do. So instead of a beautiful life experience, they will have difficult pregnancies and often give birth to sickly babies and then be too sick after birth to parent their child the way they normally would.
    All the while being told mother and or child are sick with no cause and for no reason. Often being diagnosed with on the rise fancily named medical conditions that they say no one has fathomed the origin of yet, and yet the origin is documented and accessible for anyone who genuinely wants to know?
    New mums these days are often being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Post Natal Depression, Unusual Depression and or Anxiety, etc, all conditions caused by Borrelia and or co-infections, or they are ridden off as a bad parent.
    Then these untold amounts of children who are born with Borrelia or get bitten as a baby or child but haven’t been diagnosed with any specific condition that Borrelia causes, such as Autism, Juvenile Arthritis, etc, etc.
    But the poor tiny lost and forgotten souls, those who are ridden off as lazy, stupid malingerers who have school phobia due to the infection creating barriers within their tiny brains, causing them to have learning difficulties. Leaving them embarrassed, confused, frustrated and in pain. Leading to outbursts of what is being referred to as bad behaviour resulting in them being labelled as trouble makers with psychological issues.
    With teachers and even parents insinuating that these tiny innocent sufferers are faking headaches, tummy problems, blurring vision, focus and concentration problems, etc.
    How terrifying is it that our babies are being persecuted for being very ill and having their childhood and quality of life and health stolen from them. All this is due to years of misguidance and numerous dangerous myths that have been circulated.
    Starting with the one that keeps the masses clueless for decades, such as Borrelia is not in our part of the world, they would have us believe that a disease carried and activated by migrating birds is across the border but not on our shores and they would have us believe that ground foraging birds, renowned for being infested with the vectors of this disease, have avoided picking it up and bringing it into our backyards.
    When a Nation gets wise to this crud the next myth and one of the most misleading myths of all about Borrelia, is the one that suggests Deer need to be close at hand and or that hard bodied blood engorged ticks have to have been seen and or attached to someone for days for them to get infected. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.
    This is because what you are not being told is that birds are competent reservoirs, hosts and carriers and hugely wide spread disseminators of multiple Borrelia and co-infections all around the world, including into areas that other animals/carriers would normally not have access too, including the family roof.
    Ground foraging birds that have no fear of and that regularly reside and set up nests near humans, such as Indian Mynors and Pigeons, etc, seem to be the main culprits and nobody pays them any mind because they are so prevalent and accepted. Most don’t even realise when they are nesting in the family roof or close by and this is when they are most dangerous.
    Countries that have been proactive and conscientious enough to research this profound link to what is spreading Lyme disease/Borrelia and co-infections so quickly and widely now days around the world, instead of denying it and shrouding the truth about it, have recorded that the majority of Migrating, Sea and Ground Foraging Birds they test, carry Borrelia and or many co-infections.
    Anything an infected bird carries, can and will bite and infect you, such as mites, lice, fleas and all stages of hard and soft ticks, some of which are so small and practically invisible and feed and transmit this disease so quickly, some only needing minutes, so most victims have no idea they have been vectored and do not link this to their progressively deteriorating health.
    More than often this will not leave a specific tell tale sign of an EM bullseye rash, but often leaves a spread rash that will almost certainly be misdiagnosed and given a name of a skin condition that your Doctor is familiar with and limited to. Scabies, Eczema, Grover’s Disease and Psoriasis seem to be their favourite four to pull out of a hat.
    At this stage of the infection the detriment to the sufferer that this will eventuate in is usually catastrophic, as the correct diagnoses and treatment in this early stage would likely stop any further spread, prevent lifelong chronic illness and or death that otherwise can be caused by the infection.
    When multiple birds and or especially their nesting’s (bird’s nests are often riddled with a variety of vectors of Borrelia) are involved in or around the family home, work, school, church, etc, one can be bombarded with multiple infections ongoing over long periods of time.
    Then there is the second last resort myth, used to confuse and discredit any Lyme disease sufferer who is getting too close to being able to demonstrate the reality of the origin, abundance and severity of Borrelia infections and anyone who is attempting to help them.
    Sufferers smart or lucky enough to have worked out that Borrelia infections are the true cause and core of their AKA unknown caused illnesses and are able to demonstrate they have it, will then be struck another almighty blow with the myth suggesting there are lots of false positives when being tested for Borrelia. Once again nothing could be further from the truth; however, false negatives are very common.
    Sadly, for people to take the initiative and drill down and do their own research on this to the degree of finally being steered in the right direction of where to get legitimate answers from those who are genuinely there to benefit the sufferer and who have no hidden agendas, it often takes a death or a near death experience caused by Borrelia or only when a child in the family develops severe chronic illness with no explanation. Or when multiple members of a family are all being diagnosed with conditions/diseases referred to as having no known origin/idiopathic.
    This dangerous and deadly facade keeps many people rich and in jobs, at the expense of so many who are suffering horrendously and unnecessarily.
    It seems the masses are programmed and more willing to believe that they have coincidently been struck down by multiple chronic illnesses, ailments and or diseases that are on the rise but have no explanation or cause.
    Than to realise that the logical and factual answer is a common, general, wide spread disease/infection that can cause all of their conditions.
    An infection/disease that is now beyond an epidemic due to the mismanagement of it and that is being carried and disseminated by something as common as their local ground foraging birds.
    The following blogs explain how one of the many families in Australia who have been struck down with Borrelia, after being bitten by arthropods/parasites off birds and out of their nesting’s were forced to research this in order to save the life of family members and to find out what was really going on.

    What they found out is terrifying and real.



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