New Lyme Disease Treatment Program Cures Patient in 8 Weeks: Giving Hope To Lyme Sufferers

Excerpted from the SF Chronicle: (03/22/2013)

NeoGen  (, a  world leader in Medical healing programs, announces a new and unique Lyme  disease healing program, which has led to cures in some patients within  8 weeks.

NeoGen Anti Aging, a world leader in providing unique medical anti-aging,  detoxification, and natural healing programs to people from all over the world,  is excited to announce that their Lyme disease treatment program is proving  highly successful at offering hope of a cure to Lyme disease sufferers.

Dr. Theodore  MD from NeoGen, explains why this revolutionary program is different from a  typical Lyme treatment program.

“Lyme disease is a multi-factorial disease process triggered initially by the  Borrelia bacteria, however it in most cases leads to a multi pathogen infective  process affecting numerous body systems”

He adds: “Neogen’s unique approach to healing focuses on all the aspects of  Lyme disease, and uses a wide array of therapies that act synergistically to  help the body eliminate not only the Lyme bacteria, but also all the  co-infections, including viruses, molds, fungi, and parasites – all of which  contribute to the ongoing disease. Without eliminating all of these pathogens  Lyme disease will not be cured, hence why standard antibiotic treatments  often fail.”

“Detoxification is a key step in the healing process” Dr. Theodore adds, “without rapidly removing the very dangerous Lyme neuro and endo-toxins,  permanent damage the body can and does occur. This program is unique in that it  uses very powerful detox therapies such as whole body oxygen and ozone therapy  to rapidly and quickly remove toxins from the blood and body, while at the same  time killing and eliminating the Lyme bacteria as well”.

Lyme disease is an epidemic and thousands of people every year are now  suffering serious long-term pain and disability after contracting this serious  illness. The disease, caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, is thought to  be transmitted following a tick bite, however many other modes of transmission  have now been identified including: mosquitos, sexual contact, and even mother  to unborn baby.

Unless the disease is treated with antibiotics within the first 24 hours of  exposure the bacteria, there is a very strong chance that the infection will  become chronic and be resistant to further antibiotic treatment. Many doctors  advocate the long-term use (often years) of numerous very strong and dangerous  antibiotics, which have not been shown to offer much of a long-term solution to  this disease.

Now NeoGen is able to offer hope: by using a combination approach of various  highly effective, yet very safe treatment modalities that have been carefully  selected to work synergistically together, Lyme disease NeoGen has created what  is arguably the worlds most effective Lyme disease treatment program.

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