Girl With Tics Bucks Doctors, Blames Lyme Disease

Excerpted from ABC News: (05/13/2013)

Although Lori had tested negative for Lyme disease in 2009, two years before her tics started, Dr. Daniel Cameron said he diagnosed her with it in 2012 based on blood tests and her medical history, which included a swollen knee, the year she was tested for Lyme. Cameron said Lori probably had a false negative test in 2009, and that the bacterium had smoldered and gotten worse over time, causing neurological symptoms.

.On Dec. 19, 2011, Lori Brownell, who was 17 at the time, shot a YouTube video of herself as she talked about the tics she’d developed weeks earlier. She twitched her body, fluttered her fingers and made noises in her throat as she described her fainting and seizing episodes.

“When I do this, there’s this weird feeling that goes up and down my spinal column,” she explained to the camera shortly before going into a fit of clapping.

“If anyone wants to talk about this or if anyone’s starting it, I’ll be willing to talk,” she said, signing off on the video that would eventually get more than 250,000 hits.

She would soon make national news.

Within a few months, 18 high school girls and one boy in western New York came down with the same Tourette’s syndrome-like symptoms as Lori’s, sparking a national media frenzy and a medical mystery.  Although Lori lives in Corinth, N.Y., she became lumped in with the majority of the tic-ing girls 250 miles away in Le Roy, because she’d driven through the town with a friend on her way to a softball game in Ohio.

As the Le Roy girls appeared on talk shows, one doctor suggested they had Pandas, a pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections. Another doctor suggested the tics were caused by the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Soon, famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich said she suspected groundwater contamination from a 40-year-old chemical spill caused the tics.

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3 Responses to “Girl With Tics Bucks Doctors, Blames Lyme Disease”

  1. I’ve been ill for over a year with symptoms that match everything I’ve researched about Lyme. I await my test kit from the states as we don’t have proper testing in Canada, what scares me are the numerous reports of false negatives. In the meantime, I have watched my life change so radically in the last year, praying for answers is constantly with me. Blessings on your day.

    • B,
      As the State of Virginia recently acknowledged, the existing LYME tests in the US are often inconclusive ( ). You would have more luck with a clinical diagnosis from a reputable Lyme literate doctor.

      That said, if you do have a Tick Borne Infection and it is not being addressed, postponing treatment will most likely make matters worse. Until you get properly diagnosed, try avoiding inflammatory foods, sugars, and try to have plenty of garlic (i.e., a natural antibiotic) in your meals.

      Also, it is highly important to maintain a strong immune system through diet, exercise and proper sleep. This video by dr Rau may shed some light on this matter
      If you can’t get to a LLD, WE have a women near Danbury, CT who has been successfully treating chronic Lyme patients using medicinal massages and herbal remedies.

      In either case, good luck and keep us posted of your progress.

      • I could have cried reading this. The time you invested in messaging me. I cannot express my gratitude. When my sister (my primary care-giver) gets home, we’ll read through this together, head gets a little foggy sometimes. THANK YOU!!!!


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