UNF Researchers Make Big Discovery About Lyme Disease

Excerpted from WJCT News: (06/25/2013)

It’s a groundbreaking medical finding on the UNF campus.

Dr. Kerry Clark, University of North Florida associate professor of public health, and his colleagues have found two species of Lyme disease bacteria previously unknown to infect humans in patients.

These two Lyme disease species, Borrelia americana and Borrelia andersonii, were found in symptomatic patients living in the Southeastern United States. The commonly found lone star tick, formerly believed by many to be incapable of transmitting Lyme disease, was implicated in some of these cases.

His research, published in the May issue of The International Journal of Medical Sciences, is significant for several reasons. First, only one Lyme bacterial species, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, was previously recognized to cause disease in North America. Current testing methods and interpretation criteria, designed to detect just one species, may explain many of the complaints involving the unreliability of Lyme disease tests in the U.S.

“This study’s findings suggest that multiple Borrelia species may be causing Lyme disease in the Southeast, another tick species may also be transmitting it in the Southeast and that it may be much more common here than was previously thought,” says Clark. “Additional evidence presented suggests that some people may develop chronic infections, and the current antibody testing approach for Lyme disease may not identify the infections.”

The belief that only black-legged “deer ticks” can transmit Lyme disease has been widely publicized for decades. Lyme disease risk has been calculated largely based upon the prevalence and infection rate of these “deer ticks. Clark’s findings, together with past studies implicating lone star ticks associated with Lyme disease, suggest otherwise.

For more: http://news.wjct.org/post/unf-researchers-make-big-discovery-about-lyme-disease

~ by Rob on June 26, 2013.

3 Responses to “UNF Researchers Make Big Discovery About Lyme Disease”

  1. I start treatments after my consultation in Sept. Everything you say is impt to me.

    • B, good luck with your treatment. I’m sure you’ll hear this from the doctor. But if not than you should be aware. If you are taking antibiotics:
      1. Your good bacteria will die as well as the bad which may cause intestinal problems. Replenish the good bacteria with acidophilus supplements or better yet, yoghurt;
      2. Protect your gall bladder with diluted apple cider vinegar;
      3. You may develop inflammation of the intestines (C difficile) causing diarrhea;
      4. Not common, but long-term antibiotics may cause peripheral neuropathy.

      If you develop any of the above, tell your doctor immediately.

      Best of luck,

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