Families, Doctors Torn Over Lyme Disease

Excerpted from CBS Minnesota: (08/19/2013)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Cabin country in Minnesota and western Wisconsin is considered ground zero for one of the fastest growing infectious diseases: Lyme disease.

Cases in both states are among the highest in the country, but the controversy surrounding how to treat the tick-borne disease is growing. It’s torn families apart and pit patients against mainstream medicine.

Looking down at a pile of medications, Tracie Young feels frustrated.

“This is what allows me to have a life and to be with my kids,” she said.

Young’s medical story begins long before her life as a mother. As a baby herself, complications from heart surgery cost Tracie her right arm. She had no idea she’d face an even bigger health challenge years later.

“It just seemed like she was always sick,” said Tracie’s mom, Barb Derosier.

Growing up in Brainerd, playing outside was a part of life, but Tracie always felt tired and run down, never quite able to keep up with the other kids.

“It’s like we were never totally believed,” Derosier said.

For more plus the video:  http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2013/08/19/families-doctors-torn-over-lyme-disease/

~ by Rob on August 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “Families, Doctors Torn Over Lyme Disease”

  1. Please contact me. My wife just had new bloodwork done..after 3 years of abx were able to culture spirochetes. Bob Blackburn 814-977-7117


    • As I read about Tracie, I wondered if she needed heart surgery as a baby, was she likely born a “Lyme baby”? Stillbirth and heart imperfections are known to be connected to Borrelia. My Mother was born with a hole in the heart, not discovered till she was in her late 70s. She, her parents,….ALL my ancestors both sides, have been HIGHLY tick exposed, both here in the upper US, and in the countries from which they immigrated –perhaps with a different strain altogether, which they are discovering DOES exist, in Europe..and so, the bacteria immigrated, along with the “hosts”–perhaps new strains were acquired Here, in the US. Knowing health histories on both sides of my family tree..leads me to think YES Borrelia can be generational! and the tick borne bacteria, co-infections have been affecting my ancestors for CENTURIES, not years.

      I think likely antibodies that are received in gestation, and from the birth mother play a part in one’s wellness… I thoroughly believe Borrelia to be generational. ME? exposed from birth, or age 5/6 mid 60s, with a known bite, with classic, serious “Lyme” symptoms never a clue the tick may have brought the health issues that befell me. I’ve been re-exposed via known bites since….no $ to see doctors, I am holding my own. I’ve mixed feelings about antibiotics, stemming from the cycles of tonsillitis I suffered , which always re-occurred, despite repeated annual antibiotic use, maybe BECAUSE of the antibiotic use! Oddly toxins from cigarette tobacco chased what I suspect was the spirochete, out of my throat/lymph nodes in my early teens, –I only concluded with that theory years later, in my research of lyme disease. maybe why the Indigenous Natives revered tobacco–it was medicinal!! I no longer smoke..gave it up 22 years ago. Oddly, when my sons were little, we ALL were sick,….sensitivity to pollens/molds. They nor I, have been tested. Lyme disease is as old as the world maybe, we are just now “waking up” to it.

      Always interesting articles here, my thanks for your shares…

      ….my ancestors farmed the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Minnesota before heading west to WA, OR, CA. A GGGG grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War in New York, 1776.

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