Can Lyme disease be transmitted through sexual contact?

We have known that the spirochetal Lyme bacterium resembles syphilis for some time now, so this new study should come as no surprise.  It’s unfortunate that the CDC continues to deny the risk.


For more and the video: /


~ by Rob on June 8, 2014.

3 Responses to “Can Lyme disease be transmitted through sexual contact?”

  1. Rob, the actual scientific article is outside of the link you provide, might be good to link to actual article?
    …my comment:
    Because I was working in the San Francissco Bay Area of California in the 70s, I well remember the unfolding of Aids via HIV, and how slow the info was forthcoming about it being sexually transmitted. I still believe Borrelia b has been here since time began…..and helps explain a lot of illness in mankind; the “no see ums” the basis for all illness. I believe my 92 year old Pa is a lifelong Lymie. His health issues all point to it, yes, his exposure levels 100% from early childhood and throughout life. He is one of what they have dubbed the “functioning lyme” populace. In him it would explain troubles with heart beat irregularities, blood pressure, macular degeneration, (recent blindness in one eye and occular pressure preceeding that), auditory (deafness first one ear then the other over 30 years), cognitive reasoning, sound judgement in his elder years, and now, rapid decline, and dementia, 5th stage. I attend his doctor appointments, and when I broached the subject of Lyme disease with all doctors and specialists, I ran into a brick wall with them,..they all took notes, but NOT a one wanted to discuss it. THIS IS CALIFORNIA. THIS STATE SHOULD LOOK BLACK on the CDC map…we are “trailing” and truth dodging.
    IF my Dad has it,…it will go to the grave with him. I’m most recently of the mind that autopsy should be performed post mortem to determine if Borrelia b plays a part in cases of mental decline. (Proven by others, already, such as Alan B MacDonald).

    • Laurie,
      It’s very hard to hear stories like what your PA is going through. If Dr. MacDonald’s research gains acceptance, maybe many of these elderly neurological diseases can be treated rather than neglecting this precious population.

      The doctors who are not willing to explore LD as a cause of illness need to be exposed. Maybe a registry of LD indignant physicians that can be easily GOOGLED will help patients avoid the frustration of dismissing LYME as a possibility.

      Thank you for sharing,

  2. A new study suggests that Lyme disease may be sexually transmitted. The study was presented at the annual Western Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research, and an abstract of the research was published in the January issue of the Journal of Investigative Medicine.

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