Lyme Disease II: MS and Lyme, Cover-ups and Conspiracies

Excerpted from Madison County Courier : OCT-2014)

Ebola continues to fill the news; Lyme disease is finally breaking into it. And the breakthrough brings startling and disheartening news. Because of copyright issues, I can’t quote a piece from the Vaughter Wellness website ( to any extent, but a well-referenced article reports that since 1911, multiple sclerosis has been known to be caused by the same bacterium as Lyme disease.

No wonder there are so many misdiagnoses.

The article takes big pharma, groups like the MS Society, support groups and the government to task for holding back work on Lyme disease. For example, it says big pharma sells symptom relief without significantly searching for prevention and cure protocols or better testing procedures.

Other sources describe doctors being ostracized by their colleagues for successfully treating Lyme disease patients by going beyond the approved protocol – not going out of the scope of modern medicine but beyond what those with power say should be done. Such sources also describe the poor tests used to diagnose Lyme disease (e.g., 50 and more percent failure rates), especially when much better tests are available but not legal or covered by insurance.

Lyme disease is not just a U.S. problem. France produced a video (see called “A Silent Epidemic,” calling the ticks that transmit Lyme “modern vampires.” One Lyme patient describes 20 years of hell, finally capped by 37 medical visits in 10 months when her Lyme disease was finally diagnosed.

Fortunately for her, even after all those years without treatment for Lyme, she made a good recovery. Most people don’t, and Lyme is a long-term, debilitating disease that can even go underground for some time only to arise with a vengeance.

Another article headlines that Canada moves out of denial regarding Lyme. Northern climates were long held too cold for large tick populations. Yet, Canada now has the ticks and Lyme disease, and the hotbed of Lyme disease in the U.S. is Pennsylvania, New York and the New England and Mid-Atlantic states.

Associate Professor of Microbiology Holly Ahern, has boldly said, “Lyme disease is absolutely an epidemic.”

Research indicates it is diagnosed, even among the many misdiagnoses, at a rate of 10 to 50 times what public health statistics show. Estimates are that as many as one million people in the U.S. have Lyme disease. In 2013, a report was published, “Lyme Disease in Massachusetts: A Public Health Crisis.”

It’s starting to be taken seriously, but the previous sentence indicates we still have real problem.

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~ by Rob on October 29, 2014.

4 Responses to “Lyme Disease II: MS and Lyme, Cover-ups and Conspiracies”

  1. Thankyou Rob …Lauren was diagnosed with MS last year…I new it was BULLSHIT!

    • Janine
      What a surprise that Lauren got an MS diagnosis. What did her doctor say when he/she was told that she had been confirmed and in treatment for LD? It’s frustrating that you have to pay for such incompetence.

      Has she been taking the MS drugs? All of them had exacerbated my paralysis.


  2. Lets be honest where did Lyms disease start, was it in the infection disease Laboratories, on Palm Island. East coast of America. ?

    • Ron,
      that question has been floating around for the past couple of decades. I don’t think any of us would be surprised if in fact Plum Island was actually the origination of the disease. But it is not my belief nor practice to quickly subscribe to conspiracy theories.
      There had been researchers who uncovered the bacteria from a frozen corpse dating back over a thousand years.
      But truthfully, we generally don’t know the origination of most bacteria. And though instinctively we demand answers, we often blame it on monkeys or other animals as originating the disease. Of course, that is generally a lot of malarkey.
      For now I think the greater concentration of effort should be on identifying strategies for healing Lyme disease patients.
      Though I must concede, discussing conspiracy theories can be a lot of fun. Especially when there are no football games to discuss.

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