Dr. Saunders, a dubious expert

Once again, a physician, in this case a pediatrician by the name of Russell Sanders, is going out of his way to publicly state that Yolanda Foster of the TV program “Real Housewives ” has a fake disease, Lyme Disease (LD). ( http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/21/real-housewife-fake-disease.html )

How can a medically certified pediatrician, if he is, chime in on a patient’s medical condition when in fact she is not his patient, not privy to her medical records, not a child for which he supposedly specializes in, and not an infectious disease expert? This in itself should constitute revoking his medical license. Instead, he appears to crave publicity by vocalizing his opinion on her condition. I hope his medical records reflect that he is the one with Morgellons (i.e., attention grabbing syndrome).

To make matters worse, his patients, children, are the ones most prone to playing around in the grass and picking up ticks. If Dr. Saunders questions the existence of chronic Lyme disease (CLD), then the children he treats are at a greater risk of a treatable disease (i.e., LD )becoming unnecessarily crippling and potentially robbing them of their childhood.

I hope his patients are educating themselves about LD so they can challenge his recommendations. As for Yolanda Foster and all other LD patients, I wish you the very best in your struggle. These absurd denials of CLD only add to the daily difficulties.


~ by Rob on January 24, 2015.

One Response to “Dr. Saunders, a dubious expert”

  1. He seems to have made himself such a noble marter in the article. I was going to suggest that he sacrifice more and help find a reliable test but then read in his previous article that he believes the “new” tests are completely reliable.

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