Melbourne doctor claims campaign of intimidation over Lyme disease treatment


Excerpted from News Corp: Australia (12/16/2015)

A MELBOURNE doctor specialising in the treatment of Lyme disease says he is being harassed out of the profession.

The medic who came forward, on condition of anonymity, has been treating patients suffering the debilitating effects of Lyme disease at his inner-city clinic for decades.

But he may be forced to close the practice due to what he calls a campaign of intimidation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency culminating in a forthcoming disciplinary hearing.

Senator John Madigan, who in November setup a senate inquiry into ‘Lyme-like illnesses’ in Australia, has slammed AHPRA’s conduct saying they were putting patient’s lives at risk by targeting doctors treating the disease.

“The medical orthodoxy in this country is a law unto itself,” Senator Madigan said.

“In relation to Lyme disease I am seeing a mafia-like approach to doctors at the cutting edge who are helping patients in a tangible way.

“The lives of Australians are at stake. Doctors treating Lyme disease in this country must be allowed to continue their vital work until a thorough investigation of this disease in this country is undertaken.”

The independent Victorian senator will today announce his backing for an inquiry into bullying in the medical profession.

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3 Responses to “Melbourne doctor claims campaign of intimidation over Lyme disease treatment”

  1. Why are they so afraid to let lyme be treated??

    • Lenda,
      I generally don’t like to always blame politics and financial greed, but in this case, I think it’s mostly true.

      In America, insurance companies follow the IDSA guidelines on how to treat Lyme disease. The infectious disease doctors on the board of this organization have many ties to insurance companies and a mandate to keep insurance claims at a minimum. Therefore, the guidelines favor limited antibiotic treatment only if a bulls-eye rash is detected or an absolute positive Lyme test is returned. The bulls-eye rash only appears in about 30% of patients, and many of the Lyme tests are inaccurate.
      In addition, the medical community is told that Lyme disease exists in the northeast of the United States. Of course, we know this to be ridiculous since birds travel throughout the world carrying ticks. In fact, most of Europe treats patients for Lyme disease, and Germany admits to having over a one million cases per year.

      In Australia’s case, the medical community refuses to accept that Lyme disease is on its continent. I have had several people from Australia write to me with their ailments and it certainly sounds like Lyme disease.

      The most ridiculous thing about all l this is that if patients were treated early, their symptoms would clear up quickly and that expenses to treat the illness would be minimal.

      All the best,

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