Mystery Solved: How Lyme Disease Bacteria Spread Around the Body

Excerpted from Live Science :  (08/25/2016)

Drugs that target BBK32 might help to prevent the spread of B. burgdorferi to joints, the heart and the nervous system, although future research is needed to test this, the researchers said. In addition, because B. burgdorferi’s method of movement resembles that of leukocytes, existing drugs could be repurposed for Lyme disease, the researchers said. Those drugs treat certain autoimmune disorders by targeting leukocyte-blood vessel interactions.

When you’re bitten by a tick carrying the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, the microbes travel through your bloodstream and can eventually spread to the heart, joints and nervous system. But exactly how these bacteria move inside human blood vessels to spread throughout the body has remained largely a mystery, until now.

A new study sheds light on the way these bacteria latch onto the inside of blood vessel walls and move inside the vessels while fighting the forces of flowing blood.

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