650 – Dr Jones’ lawsuit

Excerpted from LYMESite.com

Dr. Charles Ray Jones is, for all intents and purposes , the ONLY Lyme literate pediatrician in the country, maybe the world.
For a biographical picture of Dr. Jones, please see Pam Weintraub’s article from the Lyme Times at
 http://lymetimes.org/archives/LT32.PDF  and click on Page 5. 

1.Dr. Jones helps thousands (8000+) of kids from all over the world that have no where else to get help.
2.He does it at great personal sacrifice working 6 or 7 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day.
3.He doesn’t turn away children, even if the family can not afford to pay.
4.Hundreds, maybe thousands, of families believe their children would have literally died or become incapacitated if Dr. Jones had not helped them.
 5. If he loses his license, the vested interests who
claim that TBDs are easy to treat,  easy to diagnose and hard to get will be emboldened to target other docs who are helping people with TBDs, leaving thousands of people without any hope or chance of getting the medical care they need to live any kind of decent quality of life.
To support Dr. Jones is to support medical care for all children, everywhere. Show the global community you care about children’s healthcare and each and every child’s right to exercise the freedom to access the healthcare they need and deserve by supporting Dr. Charles Ray Jones.


Currently, there are two separate and distinct cases against me (Dr Jones).  The original case is under appeal, and the second case pertains to a new set of charges regarding a different set of patients:


 First (legal) case

I was brought up on a series of charges pertaining to two children from one family in Nevada, whose parents were involved in a post-divorce decree custody dispute.  In its decision last December, 2007, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board (CMEB) imposed the following sanctions against me:  a $10,000 fine, a reprimand and probation for two years.  I did not lose my license to practice medicine.

The most dangerous part of that decision was really not the sanctions that were brought against me personally, but a newly formulated four part test (or standard of care), introduced at the very end of the proceedings.  The test said that any patient with a) non-specific symptoms, b) a non-specific history, c) who lives in an area of low endemicity, and d) has a negative test for Lyme disease could not be diagnosed with Lyme

Left unopposed, this test would set a very dangerous precedent, and could be used against other doctors to shut down the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.  Furthermore, by introducing it at the end of the proceedings, my legal team had been denied any opportunity to challenge or oppose it.  It clearly had to be appealed. 


Board Drops Plans For More Sanctions Against Lyme Disease Doctor

From the Hartford Courant (07-20-2010):

The state medical board on Tuesday withdrew plans to consider additional sanctions against a New Haven pediatrician known for supporting a controversial Lyme disease treatment.

In March, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board ordered Dr. Charles Ray Jones to find a physician to monitor his practice, part of a disciplinary order that also included placing his license on probation for four years and a $10,000 fine. The order gave Jones 30 days to find a monitor, but as of last month, he had not found one. In response, medical board members raised the possibility of imposing additional penalties and scheduled a hearing on the matter.


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